Faster and Stronger- Month 2 Energy X Maxx Update

Well, this is month 2 of full on Energy X Maxx usage straight from the tap so to speak. In other words, this is the off the shelf product not the pilot stuff developed a while ago. As I mentioned before I always test the stuff we make for a while and on others to make sure it works and causes no issues.

The off the shelf stuff is often the end product that comes out of the testing. In point of fact we did change the buffered ATP and malic acid doses quite a bit during the development of the product so it is fantastic to see it working the way it is!

In spite of a nasty bout of food poisoning and a Holiday flu (that was a shocker- haven’t been sick in 10 years!) that knocked at least 3 weeks out of my training schedule, and of course the endless travel and research which occasionally dips into my work out time, I have managed to continue getting faster and stronger.

The cardio especially is coming along super well. The strength training is also improving markedly but I am not as focused on it as usual because I have decided to train for some Autumn races.

Now I will never be a speedster but when you combine my age (the older age groups have thinner herds lol) and the improvements I expect at least a few podium finishes in the local races. I’ll keep you posted.

I think the biggest thing with Energy X Maxx is the mental effects that rapid progress has brought. It’s really cool to watch and feel the improvements in fitness and not have to slave away for 6 months to see some small changes!!!

If ever there was a tool to safely speed up your performance this is it.

Just remember it will take a couple of weeks of regular usage to see the benefits- this is not a thermo/ergogenic or a steroid!!!

Now for a couple of other things:

  1. Bailey, our wonderful customer service rep has come up with a really cool skin care product. It will be ready within 2-3 months and we are testing it right now. So far- Its like MAGIC! It will most certainly be available long before the skin stem cell rejuvenation product which is proving hard to get agreement on as far as scent!
  2. The telomerase support pack (upgraded from my old Telomere Edge Pack) should be available in March. I would suggest you contact Bailey and let her know if you want some when it comes out soon. The demand is going to be huge.
  3. Our stem cell growth factor derived hair growth and support solution is in testing as we speak and we are looking for a May release assuming no glitches. Again if you want to be among the first to try this get your name on Bailey’s list as there will be very limited quantities initially.
  4. The drug/concentrated nutraceutical version of my telomerase activator (not like anything on the market currently) is in the early extraction phase and remains about a year out.

So, in summary I continue to work on stuff that will buy both of us (you and me!) runway of the healthy kind until the more aggressive and expensive therapies are proven safe and become more affordable.

If you wonder what I am doing when I don’t write quite as often, this is it!!!

Signing Out to go running!

Don’t forget your key to enhanced performance is here. GET SOME!!!


Dr. Dave

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