Day 3 of the Holiday Sale- Core Source Energy

A while back I predicted Mitochondrial Medicine would be the next frontier. It does appear in the literature more frequently but it has not yet caught on in the mainstream funding sources.

I’ve mentioned many times I think it is a place we should have been looking for a long time already since the continued focus on genetics and of course these days vaccines has not exactly advanced the course of human health to the degree it might if we all had healthy mitochondrial powerhouses.

Fortunately, its not that hard to take an important first step in helping your powerhouses stay younger!

It is well known that as we age our mitochondrial supply of some of the core energy intermediates and buffers drops of. This leads to decreased energy production and increased oxidative damage.

In English that means we age faster, repair our cells less well, and have less energy than we used to.

Toco Q was designed to remedy that problem by providing not only a key energy carrier- ubiquinol but a rarely used but super important anti-oxidant and putative telomerase activator (recall telomeres shorten with oxidative damage and aging)!

Unique and eminently useful in any anti-aging regimen, Toco Q is on sale at 18% off with free shipping while supplies last. You won’t find anything else like it out there which shouldn’t surprise you if you have followed me for a while.

Everything I do has a singular purpose- to stay younger healthier and more functional longer!

Toco Q is a key element in this equation.

To Your Continued Best Health!

Dr Dave

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