Day 2 of The Holiday Sale- Rip Van Winkle meets Ol’ Saint Nik!

Over the years of my interaction with patients, friends and family it never ceases to amaze me how many people find the Holidays stressful and overwhelming.

Take a deep Breath my Friend and take a Deep Sleep!

That is the doctor’s prescription for managing holiday stress.

Now there are a ton of other reasons to sleep well such as mood, eating habits, body weight, hormonal balance, sex drive and here’s a biggie- immune function!

My favorite analogy for loss of sleep and poor quality sleep is that it is like chronic overtraining.

When you overtrain you lose motivation, get depressed and fail to make gains in your chosen pursuit. Worse yet, something always breaks, be it your immune system and getting sick or simply sustaining an injury.

Same thing happens with even a few days of sleep lack.

Fortunately, I make an all natural non habit forming solution called Sweet Sleep Z. Fix that sleep problem and watch how stress bounces off you and your mood is festive in line with the time of the year.

Even better its today’s featured product at a STEEP discount and free shipping!

You can’t beat a good night’s sleep. It is THE solution to so many perceived problems and a great way to stay cheery as Ol’ Saint Nik!

Rest well and Be Well!

Dr Dave

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