Running Away with the Runway!!!

A few weeks ago I wrote to you about a topic called sarcopenia- muscle loss, and dynopenia, power loss.


In that post I stressed the importance of taking care of diminishing CoQ 10 levels that may be associated with aging.

Now before you go, “Oh no! More science!!!” let me explain the reason behind pretty much everything I do these days.

It’s called buying runway and don’t be surprised if you find someone else stealing that phrase for their marketing! Buying runway in the anti-aging sense means you take advantage of knowledge and technologies that have a really strong chance at positively affecting your health and perhaps even your longevity, although none of this is approved by the agencies that police our society.

Mitochondrial medicine is far behind where it should be considering that every single cancer ever investigated has some form or respiratory defect. I won’t even begin to go into how the mitochondria affect heart, brain, and immune health.

I will remind you of the cross talk between shortening telomeres and aging mitochondria that leads to something you might remember from tons of other emails I’ve written- the senescent activated phenotype.

Briefly that situation describes a continuing and progressive inflammatory reaction that occurs in aging cells and damages other surrounding cells and may accelerate their aging process as well.

Normally here is where I would launch into the “shortening telomeres schpeel” but instead I want to focus on mitochondrial behavior.

This little power house has the job of using fat and oxygen to make fuel. As we age it seems to do its job less and less for some of the reasons mentioned above but also and including lower reduced CoQ levels.

This lowering may be do to mutations, protein misfolding and other modifications that are not good for generating energy and lead to “uncoupling”. Uncoupling is a complex process but for our purposes it means less energy generation and more heat (wasted energy but also probably the reason many cancer light up when thermography is used to image them).

OK 3 more things you should know. 1) There are studies that support the loss of power as measured by grip strength (and other measures) as a marker for living longer or not. 2) Co Q levels have been shown to correlate with muscular strength specifically grip strength. 3) Much like creatine, you can supplement reduced Co Q in your body.

I hope by now this would strike up an obvious correlation to “buying runway”.

Apart from the science I have been personally supplementing with Mito QE and Energy Maxx X for about 3 months. In the past week I have surpassed all recent speed records for the mile, and 5K. I have also hit new maxes in overhead pressing and bench pressing. Today I ran farther than I have in 10 years.

Put more simply I am stronger, faster, and have more endurance than I have doing the same type of training for over a decade.

I attribute this to the use of these 2 supplements which seem to have supercharged my training.

So whether you look at science, or your own personal performance- you are in my view buying runway!!!

Get some.

I really want to hear about YOUR success stories and hope I can inspire you with mine. But remember it’s no fun to play alone so please keep me posted on how YOU are doing!!!


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