Your Telomeres

The telomere bandwagon is growing albeit slower than I would have thought. [eafl id=”2390″ name=”TA-65″ text=”TA-65″], the only proven telomerase activator with several human studies, now has several “competitors”. I put that in quotes because while there are now at least a half a dozen products directed at telomere health, none of them but TA-65 has any human data, at least none they are willing to publish that is relevant to your telomeres.

With that as a background I was recently approached by a group of people who wanted to sell my products. I told them that TA-65 was an anti-aging essential and everything else was in my opinion second best. They were however interested in other of my products which of course makes me very happy. You and I understand that there is not simply one pill, one action, one thing only that magically reverses the aging process.

If you recall I wrote a book on all the essentials of staying young. In that book TA-65 figured prominently. I also recently published my own telomere lengths measure over a time frame of close to 5 years using all of the commercially available technologies so there could be no argument about their veracity.

But I remind you that while America still wants the magic pill it is not in existence yet. You still have to sleep, exercise, eat right and practice moderation to get the most out of your genes and epigenes!

I offer many different things that contribute to that end point on my The Longevity Edge web site.

The fact that someone else has taken notice is actually a very good thing.

We will not solve aging without a team of people and a broad based approach. This is currently the fatal flaw and the molasses in the mix. Everyone is trying to be a hero and more likely to “own” the secret sauce.

There are likely to be several sauces all of which contribute something valuable.

For my part TA is the answer.




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