Winter is Coming!

Over the years, my study of the mitochondrial powerhouses in our cells has led me to one spot repeatedly.

Known as “Complex 1” the very first big step in energy generation is dependent on a compound you may be familiar with- Co Q 10 in its reduced form- Ubiquinone.

It is well documented that the levels of reduced Co Q 10 drop with age. Fortunately, this drop responds to simple supplementation. You may be familiar with the supplement Creatine, often used in bodybuilding and brain building. Consuming this at least for a period of time, seems to increase levels and yield visible results.

So too it is with reduced Co Q. Right about now someone out there is saying something like “Yes but PQQ is better!” Really?! Show me a head-to-head study. There are none. So PQQ remains a “newer cooler” supplement with no where near the data on Ubiquinone.

Think of it like Krill vs Fish Oil. You will find far less data and none of it indicates even bioequivalence let alone superiority. One simple way to quantitate this is do a Pub Med search. You will find 1000+ citations for PQQ and over 14,000 for ubiquinone. Finally on this topic which often comes up in questions to me, Co Q is the actual compound that is present in mitochondria. PQQ is from plants and is not made in mammalian mitochondria (that includes people!).

Now take this well-established energy intermediate and look at it in the context of what it might do in our current pandemic situation.

It is known that Covid spike proteins cause catastrophic telomere loss in non-regenerating tissues like heart and brain. This is one reason why neuropsych symptoms like depression and brain fog may persist indefinitely after Covid infection – even if its asymptomatic. It also goes a long way to explaining myocarditis that seems to be seen more and more often.

As always telomeres are susceptible to oxidation and inflammation. Co Q is a potent mitochondrial based anti-oxidant. Now combine it with another potent anti-oxidant, tocotrienol, which is also a putative telomerase activator and you have a unique formula that has as of yet, not been copied.

Like most things I make I expect that will happen eventually but unless and until then there is only one place you can get it.

And as they said in the opening episode of “Game of Thrones”- Winter is Coming!!!

Be prepared!

Dr Dave

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