Teen Obesity – Rosie Is Not A Fat Slob!

You see, Rosie really does not stand a chance; at least that is what behavioral psychologists say.

Her main weapons are that she represent the underdog. Rosie actually is not a slob, she has complete and free access to TV and other media, and is not poor by any stretch of the imagination.

And she is fat.
Sorry, but that is the big bottomed line in human behavioral approach terms.

People cannot look at a fat person and feel the same respect they do for a thinner person, no matter how wonderful the fat person is.

Hey, gluttony is one of the 7 deadly sins, right?

Then again, so is greed but you can’t really see greed. You can see fat. Just look to your left and look to your right.

If you were to honestly poll and I mean honestly, poll a million people who knew nothing about either of these people and said they were feuding, and ask them to pick a side, guess whose side they’d be on.

Want more proof? Ok: you are now in a coliseum filled with people you don’t know. Over the loudspeaker they announce your name and say that your fate will be determined by the crowd. Which would you rather hear? “Fat and Slob” or “bully and bad hair”?

Bully and bad hair never gave anyone cancer. Bully and bad hair never gave anyone diabetes. Bully and bad hair never gave anyone heart disease or stroke or arthritis unless there is such a thing as arthritis of the scalp.

The study that said it all was the one that found that people would rather have sex with someone who had a sexually transmitted disease than a fat person. See just how many pounds you have to loose just to shave an inch off that midsection.

Please don’t kid yourself if you are fat. You are not bad. You are not evil. You are not worthless. You may not be a glutton. You are very probably smart, driven, kind, sensitive and a very meaningful part of our society. But as long as you are fat, very few people will see you that way. When your name comes up, there will be the image of a fat person there if even for just an instant.

Psychologists talk about people who sabotage themselves.

What group of people do you think sabotage themselves the most often without meaning to? If you said fat people, you are right. If you are fat, get some help.

Get the body you want and the respect and love you deserve.

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