But Why Is It So Cheap?!

I recently got an email from a former customer who either didn’t get the message back in 2015 that my company had been “lifted” from my possession or was enticed by the recent very cheap pricing of what was a best selling product back in the day.

I cannot tell you exactly what is going on but I can tell you the following:

  1. Its not my product and I do not endorse it.
  2. There is no possible way it could be sold for the price point they are selling it for IF it were my product because it is significantly below cost. In other words, it’s not my product and it CANNOT be made by my supply chain.
  3. In the past a trick various companies have done in situations like this is to sell product that is either already outdated hoping the customer will not notice, or to sell product that has a shelf life of a month or two after you buy it.
  4. The shelf life of my fish oil for instance is 2 years but we say 1.5 years just to be safe. You might want to check the manufacture or expiration dates if they are provided on cheap imitations.  If not, you can assume you know nothing about the age of the product at all.

It’s sad to see my legacy besmirchified as Al Sharpton often says!

That said, stay tuned for some really cool and important information coming your way in a matter of a few days!  In the meantime, don’t forget to take the authentic Longevity Edge brand Fish Oil!

Accept nothing less for your health and your body!!!

Dr Dave

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