Telomeres in the news…Again!

A BIG year for the Telomere!

That little chunk of DNA at the end of the chromosome, the telomere, also known as the biologic time clock keeps popping up over and over again in the scientific news.

Since we spoke about it last, 2 more diseases – one lung based and another blood based have been shown to have telomere based variants. Taken as a whole telomere shortening or more specifically short telomeres are at the root of an ever increasing number of diseases.

In all cases lengthening the telomere is thought to be a potential cure for said diseases.

Speaking of lengthening the telomere, very recently my friend Maria Blasco in Madrid and her team showed unequivocally that you do not have to genetically lengthen telomeres to improve longevity.

That opens up the opportunity

For the design of specific telomerase activators to do this very thing. About 100 lucky people on my list are already benefitting and I am making the next batch bigger so we don’t sell out in 18 hours the way we did just a few weeks ago. Don’t be too surprised if you missed this event because it happened fast and hard and everyone that saw it took advantage to the point where we had to pull the product because it sold out.

The ETA on the next batch is early March 2020 and there will be twice as much so maybe it will last 2 days this time!!!! I tell you because so often people don’t read my emails for a couple of days and then its too late for these limited production run products.

We are also making another batch of our Stem Cell Liposome Facial Serum. Currently we have very little of that left but if you can’t wait you can try to catch some of the last of our stock here. But don’t wait because you know I’m not fooling when I say it will be gone gone gone before you know it!!!

One other cool study that hit the news has to do with something I’ve told you about many times- the senescent activated phenotype.
In case you forgot this is where the mitochondrial powerhouses respond to shortening telomeres by uncoupling their energy metabolism and producing poisonous free radicals. The cell then basically becomes a dirty bomb and poisons other cells around it with the net result being senescence or premature aging of the cells and an increase in inflammation in your body.

I’ve referred to this as the vicious cycle of aging since it is self propagating and is not caused by external things like diet, lack or too much exercise, lack of sleep, stress etc.

I designed the Immortality Edge Packs (named after my book of the same name) to combat this very process.

The IEP as I call them contain everything I know that works the best to support healthy telomere length and possibly even lengthen them. Along with Toco Q they can work wonders on your telomeres instead of letting aging wreak havoc on your telomeres.

Bottom line: Take Care of Your Telomeres and they will take care of you!


Dr Dave

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