Welcome to the Amazing Stupendous 12 Days of Christmas Super Sale!!!

It’s hard to believe its that time of year again!!!

Here we are kicking off yet another super sale- this is number 16 to be exact. Sixteen amazing years of the best in anti-aging products, teachings and supplements!

First let’s start with the particulars:

  1. The initial sale is going to be continuity/subscription only and the discounts will be the deepest on this- 18% with free shipping in CONUS.
  2. If we run out as has often happens, we need to call the sale on that product off. We will not be offering sale prices on the discounts so please Act Now or forever hold your peace!
  3. I will be bundling certain items for additional continuity/subscription savings but YOU MUST READ THE EMAILS TO GET THOSE. This year I’ve decided to do some video pieces to describe what the individual products are but the Bundles will not be included in those videos so again, read the doggone emails!!!!
  4. This is always a lot of fun and people buy and make gifts with my stuff as well as stocking up for the year at the BEST pricing we can offer.

Todays amazing product is Energy X Maxx. This is my go to performance aid and has served me well.  Lot’s of people ask how I stay in such phenomenal shape; well this is THE SECRET

Energy X Maxx is buffered ATP a compound which has been shown in clinical research trials to improve strength, endurance and speed recovery.  All of these things “naturally” decline with age.  Not so for me or YOU if you decide to take advantage!

Imagine what it would be like to get faster, stronger and last longer in spite of passing birthdays!!!  I have it and TRUST ME YOU WANT IT!!!!

Today’s super bundle is the Energy Pack Bundle which includes 3 Energy X Maxx and 3 Toco Q our Massive Mitochondrial Powerhouse supplement for a total discount of 20% and free CONUS shipping.  If you want the MAXX this is it!!

Happy Holidays- Let’s Get This Party Started!!!!

Dr Dave

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