Declare Your Independence with This Amazing Sale

Now you know I am a huge proponent of appropriate doses of fish oil. For years I have pointed out the fallacy of studies done with minimal doses and no checking of Omega 6/3 levels.

Just the other day fish oil appeared in a top 10 myths column that stated it does not prevent heart disease. Statements and columns like this adhere to the party line of Big Pharma sponsored journeys which only print studies that show negative results since they are done to deliberately do just that.

Such studies get Big Pharma sponsored air time and are often refuted quickly by Omega 3 experts like me.

I always say start with fish oil so today I am going to make it easier and less costly than ever.

You see our product is bottled at altitude and depending on the barometric pressure we get a certain percentage of collapsed bottles that look damaged. We just call them scratch and dent but they aren’t even that. As a matter of fact once you open them you can easily reform the perfect bottle shape. They seals are 100% intact, and they are from our most recent batch of fish oil production.

And what’s inside is still the best fish oil on earth!!!

So here’s the deal: I am selling the scratch and dent bottles from July 3 to July 5 only since we have such a limited quantity.

As always I reserve he right to pull the sale if we run out.

Here are the particulars: the cost is $48.99 a bottle which is $25+ dollars a bottle less than retail.
This is a one time only sale and does not qualify for continuity.
You can buy as many bottles as you like but no further discounts apply
I guarantee the product to be perfect even if the bottle is not however we don’t accept returns on anything so that still applies here. Just so you know my personal fish oil stock comes form the scratch and dent pile!!!

I think fish oil is the best way to guarantee your independence from Big Pharma and Father Time, so act now!

Freedom is a precious and rare thing!!!


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