Old Dog New Tricks with Omega 3’s

Controversy, conspiracy, piracy, obfuscation, and more!

Yep, I am talking about fish oil!

It may seem funny, but I have been at this a long, long time, and no matter what, a great source of complete marine Omega 3’s is still the best investment you can make in many aspects of your health.

Think of it this way when you read the stories about fish oil. It’s no panacea or miracle; it’s merely a nutritional deficiency that can be fixed. But it does take both EPA and DHA to do so. If you look at what is in your cell membranes and your immune modulators, you’ll see both of these essential fatty acids are living in critical places across your body’s landscape: not just one but both.

A simple way to think of it is EPA is “body,” and DHA is “brain.” Why not fix both deficiencies?

The next controversy is format

I have been over this at least 100 times, but here goes number 101. Everyone will tell you their format is better. You will see things like “natural” thrown around as a positive term. That is until you look at what is natural in our oceans and see lead, arsenic, petroleum, and plastic by-products, cadmium and mercury, and so on. If you don’t clean that out, you consume it.

Is that natural? Ten thousand years ago, this stuff was not rampant in our oceans and freshwater. It is now. If you distill the “natural” form of triglyceride, you get an ethyl ester, which you will be told is not natural and not even fish oil. OK, but there are entire species of shrimp that have that very ethyl ester in their blood, so do you care if it’s not common in fish?!

Another favorite trick is to melt Styrofoam with fish oil by pouring it in a cup. This supposedly shows how bad it is for you! But ask yourself this question- how much Styrofoam is in your body. The answer should be NONE since it’s a human-made non-organic compound. Also, try any organic acid like lemon oil, even olive oil, and you will eventually put a hole in your Styrofoam cup.

Finally, for today at least is dose. Over and over again, studies have shown that fish oil is no good for heart disease or prevention. But not one of those studies uses and adequate dose, and all of them wind up in Big Pharma sponsored journals. Why?

Because pharmaceutical companies have spent millions of dollars creating “drugs’ out of fish oil and they do not want you straying from the path of putting money in their pockets lest you take control of your own health. Long before there were these “drugs,” I treated many a high triglyceride with good old-fashioned high dose fish oil. But that would be considered either sacrilege or illegal now, so I never mention it these days.

About 15 years ago, I said to my audience, “High dose high quality purified pharmaceutical-grade fish oil is the single most important nutrient you can consume with a healthy diet.”

A decade and a half later, I am living proof that is still true!

Get Some, take it every day in a meaningful dose of at least 4 grams (6 is better for most) * and do what I did- take it every day!!!!


Dr. Dave

*Always ask your own personal doctor for advice on supplements, doses, side effects, and medicine interactions, etc.

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