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Telomeres are important for human health.

They protect the ends of your chromosomes from damage that can lead to disease and cancer.

But every time one of your cells has to divide, the telomere is shortened. This is a “normal” phenomenon of aging since most cells divide continuously over your life span.

Anything that accelerates the loss of the telomere speeds up the aging process. In addition to dividing to create new cells and tissues, the very metabolism of the cell creates free radicals that can accelerate telomere loss, especially during division, making this a one to punch for your telomeres.

Now you cannot and should not stop cell division. But you can manage free radical generation. As a matter of fact, I designed a purpose-driven supplement called the Immortality Edge Pack to do just that!

It has become known that all it takes is one short telomere to put a cell into senescence.

That term, which sounds like “senile,” is actually even worse. When a cell becomes senescent, it cannot help you make new cells or tissues. And it is like a leaky battery in your battery leaching out damaging free radicals to the surrounding cells, which may have been otherwise healthy.

I have often explained this as the self-fulfilling prophecy of aging. The older you get the more senescent cells you have and the more inflammation they create. The more they produce, the more it spreads and carries the damage to more and more innocent bystanders, making them senescent as well.

More senescence more inflammation. More inflammation more senescence in what becomes the vicious cycle of aging.

Now no one has found a way to stop this entirely, but I believe I am living proof you can stop and reverse telomere loss as I have done.

And if you look at my progressive pictures down the years, you’ll see I have done an excellent job of living my truth and aging in a super healthy fashion- in spite of some rather wild escapades!

My main secret is the Immortality Edge Packs. Get some NOW and buy yourself some runway!!!!


Dr. Dave

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