Dr. Dave’s Guide to Beating Keto Flu

I have gotten a great deal of interest in my keto series of emails, which I have to tell you is rather amusing.

Since I have been predominantly keto since 2012, I keep forgetting that the majority of people in the world still consider it to be “new.”

This diet has been around since the 1920’s in its current form and for over 2500 years in terms of things like intermittent fasting that induce temporary ketosis or religious fasting for more extended periods that induce deeper levels of ketosis.

By far, the biggest complaint I get from keto newbies is “Keto Flu,”; a series of symptoms that accompanies the metabolic shift from sugar/carb-based diets to fat-based diets. These include fatigue, lightheadedness with posture changes, aches in the muscles, and at the more extreme end, nausea. All of these can be anticipated and reduced or eliminated, removed one of the biggest hurdles to getting someone to “go keto.”

I say keto newbies because while experienced keto people still get some of the symptoms, they no longer surprise or bother them, and they have been able to manage it.

For me the most common symptom is Fatigue which I can easily get rid of with a double dose of Energy X Maxx see below.*

I will speak mainly from my own experience and that of the many people I have coached on this lifestyle.

Here is Doctor Dave’s guide to beating Keto Flu

  • If you are not experienced at keto, go in more slowly. Start with Intermittent Fasting at a 12-hour interval. While this is not likely to achieve ketosis, you can extend these periods to 14-16 hours relatively quickly. Personally, I can feel when I shift over to keto metabolism. It is not easy to describe, but I would call it a slightly chilled out feeling where my brain is no longer depending on sugars. For me, it is accompanied by an energy drop that I can easily manage with Energy X Maxx, a supplement that has no measurable carbs or calories. Good old fashioned Creatine works well too. I use capsules and not powder because of #2.
  • You can effectively induce ketosis from the outside in with Keto Gen. This pretty much guarantees you will slip into mild nutritional ketosis without even having to calorie restrict.
  • Calorie restriction or at least isocaloric intake (same calories as on a non-keto diet) happens naturally for a lot of other keto people and myself because fat tends to satiate and crank up the fat-based hormone Leptin. Leptin is the “I’m full hormone.” When there is a lot of fat in the diet, even if calories are restricted, your appetite goes down. That said, if you are prone to “Keto Flu,” you might want to make sure your calorie intake stays closer to what you usually do.
  • If you are a newbie or experience severe “keto flu” you might want to start with a “Lower Carb” diet, and not try to get to or below 50 grams of carbs a day. I find people who are super carb dependent do get much more marked Keto Flu symptoms.
  • Remember to crank your fish oil dose to as much as 8-10 grams** a day during the first few days of your Keto induction. This will reduce the inflammatory symptoms (aches and malaise) associated with new Keto entry.
  • Reduce your workouts by 50% if needed. I have to do this for the first week if I don’t take Energy X Maxx, but I can go full bore if I do.
  • Stay hydrated, and as long as there are no medical contraindications (like salt restriction due to high blood pressure), do not be afraid to increase your salt intake to balance out the obligatory water and salt loss that happens with keto. The symptom most commonly associated with this is lightheadedness with posture changes such as going from flat to standing quickly. This can almost always be gotten rid of with extra salt in your diet. But since lightheadedness can also be a sign of high blood pressure, I recommend you check your blood pressure regularly with a cuff at home if you have high blood pressure issues. I cannot tell you to adjust your medications, but I will tell you to discuss it with your doctor. More than one person I know has been able to get off their meds because of the weight and fat loss from keto. You MUST consult your doctor for this advice, however.
  • Remember Keto Flu symptoms are usually limited to the first couple of days and are often a very minor nuisance, especially if you understand them and where they are coming from. Generally, they only frighten people who are not aware or have not experienced their very temporary nature. As my yoga teacher says, “Now You Know!” So do not fear or let them dissuade you from your goals and the many benefits of keto!!!

I have written tons about this topic over the past eight years and will continue to do so if there is interest from YOU. So please feedback to me if you want more of my insights and experience and check out my video on Keto and Longevity.

Your One and Only,


Dr. Dave



*I am using Energy X Maxx for a specific purpose here, which is to maintain ATP levels. Under normal circumstances, the performance enhancements (speed power and endurance) you can get from Energy X Maxx take approximately 2 to 4 weeks to become visible. Since it’s a long term metabolic enhancement, rather than a short term like Caffeine or some other ergogenic. While it could be considered an Ergogenic, it is not a true stimulant- hence the time lag. Frankly, its long term benefit with no side effects versus short term benefit with habituation. I think you’ll love what it does in keto and longer-term!!!!**

** While fish oil 10 caps a day is not even high dose depending on your diet and metabolism (especially if you are fat!!) I would understand that this is short term for most people and if you develop any bruising or easy bleeding, back off entirely for a couple of days and restart at a lower dosage. Do not take any fish oil if you are on blood thinners, including low dose aspirin unless you have discussed and gotten approval from YOUR doctor.

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