Prestigious Medical Journal Finds No Benefit to Fish Oil in Preventing Heart Disease

You may remember an email I sent to you a few months ago. I described the flaws in a study published in JAMA- the Journal of the American Medical Association. The biggest flaws were the fact that the study was not a study at all but a meta-analysis which means it’s easy to skew data and get the result you “want”. In this case fish oil was worthless.

The second flaw was of course the total lack of ratio evaluation between Omega 3 and Omega 6 and tiny doses of fish oil. The only exception was the GISSI trial which used 2 grams of fish oil a day and showed unquestionable benefits.

A few weeks after that I wrote to you detailing the 1 Billion dollar campaign by Big Pharma to shore up its image. This included direct attacks on the supplement industry via the FDA and the FTC. It also included numerous Big Pharma mouth piece web sites and writers publishing anti- supplement and particularly anti- fish oil articles.

One in particular has marvelous track records which include supporting Big Tobacco and of course Big Food and Big Pharma.

This association no longer has transparency in its donor source.

Wanna guess who gives ‘em money.

So, the New England Journal of Medicine, famously supported by Pharma and famously anti-supplement published an article in 26 August basically saying the same thing that JAMA did, Fish oil is worthless for cardiac event prevention.

This was however an actual study with an excess of 15,000 participants.

The fish oil group got 1 gram a day which as I have pointed out numerous times is way too low to do anything. Again, no ratios were used, and finally, there was actually a statistically significant difference in the death rate from cardiovascular events in the fish oil group (196 vs 240 in the placebo group) but it was down played.

Does this sound familiar? It should since it is all part of the scheme to control your choices of nutraceuticals and convince you that vitamins give you expensive urine.

All the while there are a new bevy of astronomically expensive cancer drugs that are only offered to a select few who will more likely respond and make the drugs and the drug companies look good.

There are astronomical rises in the prices of certain key drugs/delivery systems like the Epi Pen which go unchecked and unfought.

There continues to be the aforementioned attacks on all things progressive in medicine except the use of drugs.

Blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol values are lower and lower requiring doctors to prescribe more drugs.

Meanwhile the US continues to pay on average 4 to 10X the amount for drugs in other coun tries and the populations foots the bill.

So do you trust Big Pharma?

How about Bayer Pharmaceuticals which now owns Monsanto getting nailed for cancer causing pesticides. But don’t worry they will pay people off and it will all blow over.

Take your fish oil!!! and watch out for more of the nonsense, cheating and lies from all quadrants of the drug industry. Hint: that does not just include the Pharmaceutical companies!


Dr Dave

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