Mitochondria- The Hot New Topic?!

I have noticed mitochondria in the news lately.

If you have been with me long enough, you may recall several emails dating back to 2011, talking about how mitochondria were the new frontier in medicine. Over the years, more research dollars and attention has been paid to this important health topic.

What was a revolutionary concept back then has, seven years later, come to fruition? Mitochondria are now the darling of all the usual suspects and several new supplements.

But maybe you were ahead of the curve too.

My product Toco Q is designed with mitochondrial health and maximum performance in mind.

It contains the only known human tested mitochondria substrate enhancer, Ubiquinol (no the other one you are thinking about was only ever studied in Rats!) along with tocotrienol a known telomerase support agent.

Speaking of telomere support, let me reiterate something I said a while back as well, the mitochondria are one of the biggest least recognized drivers of epigenetics.

Right now, it’s estimated that 80% of how we age and what happens to us disease wise is epigenetic, not genetic. Much to the chagrin of my geneticist friends, I think it’s more like 95/5!

But either way, the mitochondria are at the crux of many of the following age-related diseases (often through their interaction with telomeres), Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s. Congestive Heart Failure and Chronic Fatigue.

So, like I always say, Take Care Of Your Telomeres. Now I can add Take Care Of Your Mitochondria for all kinds of reasons.

Toco QE is my answer to that part of the aging puzzle.

Age Well, Be Well!

Dr. Dave

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