The latest TA-65 Human Study results

Science is like Molasses… it flows slowly.

Ever since the 2010 human study on TA-65 was published I have been telling you about the “other half” of the data. I had access to it so I shared it with you but naturally the naysayers and skeptics said, “I’ll believe it when I see it!”

So here it is 3 years later! But before I repeat what I have been telling you let me tell you this:

I did not have to make any changes in what I said because the published study tells you exactly the same thing I have been telling you.  Nothing was “wrong” and nothing has changed!

As it has in the past the fact that I have been privy to information that has not been publically available is bound to upset people. This was best pointed out when one of my colleagues commented on our book, “The Immortality Edge” by saying, “Well you are Right Now but You were wrong when you wrote it!”

Once again he was commenting on the fact that I knew things that he and others did not. SORRY!

I have made it my business to be at the front of this field as many other people are at the front of their fields. Many of the same doctors that criticized me for publishing facts that were based on unpublished studies have inside information in their areas of expertise. This just happens to be mine!

Next I want to tell you there is a movement to equate cycloastraganol with TA-65. This is true and that is exactly what TA-65 is but it is not that simple. There is a difference between the format TA-65 is provided in. The “MD” is a micro dispersed format that makes it bioavailable. There are no studies that equate simple powdered Cycloastragenol that is available for $68,000 a kilo in the one market with the MD format. As a matter of fact no one has done Pharmacokinetic studies on any form of Cyclo except TA-65. I also have not seen any purity studies on these powdered products looking for toxins and contaminants so frequently found in imported raw materials!

As a matter of fact no one has done ANY human studies on ANY telomerase activators other than specifically TA-65 with the exception of Geron Scientist Calvin Harley who continues to develop other telomerase activators.

To say that Cycloastragenol in any form can be equated to the human results obtained with TA-65 is deliberately misleading and not accurate. Do the studies in people! Then you can make claims. And if you are claiming equivalency then do the head to head studies using TA-65 versus your product.

There is a reason people selling telomerase activation products are not doing human studies.  I do know of studies that were attempted and failed miserably of products that are now being offered as such. All I will say is the parent companies have backed off their rhetoric.

Ok in case you missed the last 3 years of my newsletters and blogs here is what the October 2013 published human study which was part 2 of the original human study said about TA-65 and the protocol that accompanied it:

Statistically significant:

  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Increased Bone Density
  • Decreased inflammatory marker: Homocystiene
  • Decreased blood sugar
  • Decreased Insulin secretion
  • Impressively reduced cholesterol!

Along with the previously documented changes in the immune system and the reduction in short telomeres. I have been following my own telomere length and short telomere percentages now for the 4 years I have been on TA-65 and both have improved significantly.

More importantly I continue to feel and look younger!

The choices is yours but if you want the proof, you have only one choice: TA-65.


  • Please note the human studies above refer to a protocol that included a multivitamin. None of the ingredients in the multi have been shown to activate telomerase or lengthen telomeres but this remains the major criticism of the study. TA Sciences in now conducting a study using ONLY TA-65. While we have no reason to believe that the multi + TA-65 changed the properties of TA to Make it a telomerase activator when it was not one, and we have specific evidence that TA-65 does turn on telomerase and the other ingredients in the multi do not, it still remains a bone of contention for some scientists.

The randomized double blinded study now going on should shut those people up but it will take a year to complete and 1 to 2 years to go to publication.  Like I said, real science moves slowly which is why some people do chemical studies like chromatorgraphy and use them to influence your thinking. They are cheap fast but of little value in human biology!

Reference: Rejuvenation Res. 2013 Oct;16(5):386-95. doi: 10.1089/rej.2013.1430.

A natural product telomerase activator as part of a health maintenance program: metabolic and cardiovascular response.

Harley CB, Liu W, Flom PL, Raffaele JM.

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