Your Work and My Promise Bear Fruit

ta-65-and-bonus_256Five months ago I launched a contest and I asked you for help. I told you I needed money to finance the kinds of studies that needed to be done in human rejuvenation.  I told you that the amount of work and the amount invested in people, real live people was tiny and it was taking far too long to get the answers you and I need.

I told you I wanted to do something about it but I needed your help.  I launched the contest and I told you I would make things happen.

I want you to know that last week with myself and a few other people as guinea pigs I took the first step to answering some questions that need very much to be answered and will contribute greatly to our understanding of aging and of course how to slow it down, stop it, or reverse it.

I can’t go into too much detail because the data are still being accumulated and the study will eventually need to be published. All of that means I can’t spill the beans.

But I will simply tell you this much. Doing what I do, the same things I tell you to do, I am visibly younger in some major parameters that involve telomere length and stem cell content and behavior. I am also visibly younger than the people who are chronologically younger than I am, again in some objective measurable ways.

The study we are doing will relate the behavior and state of telomere length to stem cell populations in the immune compartment. You may recall from much of my other telomere based writing how strongly I feel that the immune compartment and more specifically the reversal of immunosenescence is related to the aging process.

I wanted to thank you for your support, share my enthusiasm for what we are doing and what is going on in the field in general and to remind you of two things.

1)      In spite of the difficulties we face it’s a great time to be alive!

2)      Take care of your telomeres!



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