Why Counting Calories Is BS

Did YOU ever count Calories?

And if you did, did it give you the weight loss or diet results you were looking for?

Truth be told I did this many times over many years and it never ever helped with weight  management. I will admit that for a small percentage of people it is actually necessary because otherwise they would truly be clueless as to how much they eat.

But for most of us its a complete waste of time! Here’s why!

When you look up the calorie content of something you are getting the results of what happens when you blow that food up (literally) in a container called a bomb calorimeter. The amount of heat generated is measured and translated into calories which is in itself a measure of heat energy.

If this already sounds a bit inaccurate, you get the Gold Star!

Your body digests things – it does not blow them up!

In order to digest them

We are populated with billions of tiny helpful gut bacteria known as the microbiome.

This microbiome is responsible for many things in our body, one of which is helping us properly digest our food. As a matter of fact it’s responsible for around 30% of the calories we take in. That’s right!!! It’s not the food, it’s the bugs!!!

Our microbiome takes a lot of what we eat and digests it for us releasing what are called short chain fatty acids. These are like baby food for our cells, specifically the mitochondria- the cell power houses.

A poorly performing microbiome can affect your weight, your energy levels, and even your hormone levels. It can contribute to unwanted weight gain for sure!

I have designed a purpose built all encompassing Microbiome support supplement called Pro Life Ultra PB.

It has a special release system that other probiotics don’t use. This system protects the bacteria so they get exactly where they need to be, and a pre-biotic to feed them once they get there. After all, if they are destroyed before getting where they need to be, they can’t do you any good!

This unique product can really help your digestive health and all of the things that are tied to it.

Don’t neglect your gut!!!! Order today and feel better tomorrow.


Dr Dave

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