Male Hormones: The Withdrawal Effects?!

I recently got to witness the effects of withdrawal of Male Maxx

After a few months of use, and then got to witness what happened when it was added back to the supplement routine again.

But first a little background.  A 40 something long time customer of mine stated he had had some hormone lapses as diagnosed by his doctor.  Basically, he was heading into the slow downward spiral of andropause.

Andropause could be thought of as the male version of menopause with similar consequences.  The main difference is that menopause is generally confined to the average age of 45 to 55 with earlier and late bloomers happening enough that any good doc would start to consider it after 40.

Andropause has no such age limitations but is generally a slow downward spiral after age 40 for many men.  Some lucky guys manage to go through their entire lives without it and remain fertile into their 90’s… but that is not the norm.

Some shared symptoms of the 2 “pauses” are…

Decreased free radical buffering and bone loss.  This is usually more common in women and presents as osteopenia and later osteoporosis.  Men do get both but its generally in the late 60’s onward because of their inherently greater bone mass.

The sexual decline can be obvious in both sexes but while men simply lose libido and desire, women often develop dryness and urinary incontinence along with decreased desire.  Men tend to develop “post micturational dribble” meaning they do not empty their urine completely and “leak” a bit for a time after urination.  The more complex plumbing in men makes this a minor irritation while for women where its basically a straight shot it can be much worse.

Mother Nature is not kind!

But it does not stop there.

Because the brain is the most active sex organ in the body, it is rife with estrogen/androgen receptors- even more than the genitals!  This means the mental slowness; lack of drive and creativity can become problematic.  Ironically this is the time when most people start to “settle” in their lives and loves for other reasons.

You can see the perfect storm of mediocrity and decline brewing here based on hormones alone!

Now back to my 40 something customer.  He had been on Male Maxx for about 5 months and had noted 8 pounds weight loss, better workouts in the gym and on the road (he attributed this solely to Energy X Maxx)

He also thought his memory and drive were better.

And then there was the sex!

When he developed a rash on his arms which eventually turned out to be a case of poison ivy, he stopped all supplements for several weeks.

In an email to me he casually mentioned he had stopped Male Maxx in the process.  I asked the questions about all the above symptoms of andropause and his response was classic.  “Doc you mean to tell me your pills work that well and that since I stopped them, I noticed all these things!?”

It never ceases to amaze me how people will spend money on a supplement, have significant improvements, and then decide the supplement had nothing to do with it!

So, I made him a deal.  I told him to restart Male Maxx on subscription /continuity and stick it out for 3 months. If his symptoms did not improve, I would refund his money completely.

That was one month ago.  Already this guy has lost fat, gained muscle and regained his sex and creative drives. He got his weight “Off” and got his spirits “Up” along with the other changes.

I cannot guarantee that his results will be the same for you, but I can tell you these things are not uncommon especially if you are in the 40+ age range.

Finally, I have gotten questions from women on using this product.

My response is simple:  I cannot recommend it for women but if you do decide to try it (most post-menopausal women need some male hormone replacement too) do not exceed 2 capsules per week separated by 3-4 days.

Only you and your significant partner can decide if you need this kind of help.  But it’s here if you do!

Stay Young, Stay Strong, Stay Smart!!


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