Happy Passover and Happy Easter!!!

I just wanted to let you know I am back in the country after a month long excursion into self growth!

What an amazing trip it was and so many changes.

The biggest theme for the whole thing was for me to learn to let go of that which does not serve me and make room for that which does.

On this weekend of rebirth, it is truly fitting that I have experienced a rebirth of my own- one for which I am truly grateful!

The things, people and places I am letting go of have taught me much about myself and in truth will allow me to serve YOU better in the coming months.

I also want to celebrate Spring’s arrival with you. My little enclave in Southeastern Pa is absolutely gorgeous and I return home with renewed joy at what I have accomplished. I send those things away that need to go away so that I can focus my energy 100% on the amazing discoveries that I have been working on and bring them to final fruition so that we may both benefit.

Perhaps as you celebrate this weekend you to may be called to let go of something that has been dear but is no longer fitting in your life. Embrace the change and embrace the newness in YOU.

But some things will never change… Take your Fish Oil !!!!

Happy Holidays!

Dr Dave (DD)

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