Putting the Jazz Back into Your Soul!

First off, an apology to the ladies. What I am talking about today primarily applies to men although product wise I do have some athletic ladies using Super Male Max once a week for muscle retention (not building!) and recovery.

I have touched on andropause before, likening it somewhat to menopause in women with far less predictability.

Back in the day, when I had a busy local practice, I used to see a lot of men in their 40’s and beyond who were simply slowing down and feeling less interested – IN EVERYTHING, not just sex.

Now this may seem a bit far fetched and even strange but I can tell you for sure that both men and women experience “mid life crisis” in different ways. In men it often starts with indifference and winds up in divorce. Now this is a touchy subject but I can tell you that a lot of men were experiencing andropause, not liking it and having a kind of Armageddon type of reaction.

The all or nothing plunge into a male midlife crisis often started with that desperate feeling that they were “losing their mojo”. The not so linear response was fear based- better hurry up and do what I am going to do before I get too old to do it. Now this may seem like a huge gap in male integrity and frankly it is, but it is so prevalent especially now, that it needs to be at least mentioned.

I will simply say it this way, I am not sure how many relationships did not end in misery, guilt and remorse because of the hormone replacement therapies I administered to the men in my practice. I am certain it was a lot!!!

And here is why (and this applies to women as well!): There are more sex hormone receptors in the brain than the sex organs!!!

This means your way of thinking CHANGES to “Old” instead of “Young”

Simply put when your hormones flag so does your thinking, your hope, your creativity, your confidence and of course the attendant physical symptoms of increased body fat, decreased muscle, weakness, and poor recovery!

So basically tired, weak, fat and don’t give a shxt!

If this sounds like the man in you or ladies the man in your life, you owe it to THAT MAN to try Super Male Max and put the Jazz back into your soul- and your thinking.

The awesome power of hormones is far too often overlooked in its importance.

Try Super Male Max for a month or two and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

And in these times, you cannot afford to be weak, tired and not give a shxt, or you are sure to wind up like the general population.

It ain’t pretty and it is preventable!!!

Dr Dave

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