Resolutions and Gifts!

Survive or Thrive- It may be all the same, or at least start at the same place!

Now that we are firmly ensconced in the New Year and we can clearly see that at least some of the challenges of 2020 are still going to be with us, I want to talk to you about the surprising commonality shared by surviving and thriving or as some people call it “surthrival”!

From a biologic standpoint it boils down to something I’ve written to you about many times and in many ways: Your Immune System.

Not too terribly long ago the role of the immune system in many diseases of aging was not even recognized. The fact that immunity governs not just bacteria and viruses, but inflammation, repair and regeneration and ultimately (viruses not withstanding!) was lost on most people, doctors and scientists included.

The concept that epigenetics can actually be directly and indirectly mediated by your immune function along with your gut microbiome, and how fast cells age and whether or not they can be replaced was also, similarly, lost.

I hear non doctor gurus on the internet Facebook and Instagram fumble this football over and over again.

Simply put, if there is one system that is central to healthy again, and de aging, it’s your immune system. IF you think all the diseases of aging including all of those that increase your risk of dying from COVID are not centrally rooted in Immune Function you are not up to speed.

Give it about 10 years and someone will announce this at the “right time” and it will be gospel! Probably about the time Big Pharma patents a “new drug” for the same.

But where will you be in 10 years, what will you look like and what will your immune function look like?

If ever there was a time to start “buying runway” in this department it’s now- in the midst of viral, social and political challenges, the stress of which can of course affect your immune response.

Telokynase may seem “too expensive” to invest in, but are telomerase activation, immune boosting and resetting of biologic time clocks – things that may potentially change the curve of future- really worth passing by these days? Can you afford not to do something about THIS?!

The challenges of the future may not exactly be clear but it’s pretty obvious challenges to our biologic systems will not stop in 2021.

Neither will immunosenescense, inflammatory epigenetics, stress on repair, recovery and regeneration. If anything, there will be MORE of this!

To cover that ever expanding water front even more I’ve put together the complete “telomere” package for 2021. Simply called the Telomere Pack it includes Telokynase, the main actor, Telomere Edge Packs, the supporting role and Toco Q which contains Ubiquinone and the telomerase activator and potent anti-oxidant Tocotrienol.

And since its new we have an introductory price point that won’t last long!

Basically, I’m letting my “Secret Sauce” out of the bag because nothing about recent events has reassured me that most people are actually doing enough to face the problems of aging and immunity.

Are you?

When you look around you at what is really happening do you think your life is going to get easier or more challenging? Do you think your mind and body are going to run on and on in healthy fashion given the multitude of biologic and psychologic threats?

Now I’d love to tell you that it’s because I’m brilliant and clairvoyant and I “knew” about all this stuff ahead of time- I’d love to tell you that I anticipated these problems and the central seminal role of immunity and the immune system in ALL of them.

Instead, I’m going to tell you that that is simply how things worked out and that I want to share how I deal with it.

Because IT’S WORKING!!!

IN the process of all this I continue to grow younger, stronger, more resilient, recover faster and achieve more than ever even as it seems society (and it’s health) is disintegrating around me.

Those are the resolutions and gifts I want to share with you and those You Love!


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