Lot’s to Cover- so let’s jump right in!

Firstly, and sadly the Covid crisis has not let go or at least the media has not let go of it. In spite of dubious claims about masks, social distancing, and vaccines we have a whole new slew of lockdowns in certain areas of the world.

These were future paced by our beloved Anthony Fauci and others. Future pacing has become a thing for the media. Some how they know exactly how things are going to happen months in advance and tell you about it so you won’t be surprised. And when it happens it will all feel just comfortable and normal.

After all they would never lie, would they?

Anywho I have been telling you about something called immunosenescense for about 10 years now.

I’ve been telling you how the stem cell base and the telomere erosion that happens in your immune system contribute to specific aging or senescence of your immune cells making them unable to face new challenges.

Recently I told you of the effects of telomerase on the CD4 naive helper cell population that fights off senile behavior in your immune system. I made the scientific leap that longer telomeres would help this and thus telomerase activators like Telokynase could be a huge help in boosting the activity of your immune system and protecting you from things like viruses.

Ironically the very first telomerase activator on the market was originally designed as a drug for just that and in small studies was very effective at clearing the then pandemic viral illness of HIV! Never saw the light of the drug market however and became an anti-aging supplement instead.

This property is however common among telomerase activators which usually turn out to be effective anti-virals through “youthing” of the immune cells and lengthening their (and other telomeres).

But you are not supposed to say this kind of stuff no matter how much it makes sense without scientific proof.

This last week the CNIO Spanish National Cancer Institute where I was fortunate enough to spend some time a few years back, recently released a study on Covid and telomere length.

If you’ve been reading my predictions and prognostications this will not surprise you: They found the severity of Covid is linked to telomere length. I have written numberous emails on the role of immunosenescense on aging and tissue regeneration. Surprise surprise people with shorter telomeres have less regeneration capacity (the specific term I have used many times is “repair ability”).

And because they have weaker immune systems as witnessed by the lack of immune cells that can respond to new threats (again I’ve told you this many times for several years) they are more susceptible to the disease than people with stronger immune systems.

This is true no matter what the person’s age! A person who is 40 with short telomeres is probably more likely to get sicker and all the other bad things than someone who has normal or longer telomeres. And this of course explains why older people get sicker as well- they generally have shorter telomeres.

In order to avoid bombing you with more science I will simply say another thing I have told you many times” TAKE CARE OF YOUR TELOMERES.

That is why I designed Telokynase now in its second iteration, and why I continue to take it every single day.

Because you can die of other things than old age!!!!

The choice is yours. I make the stuff; you have to take it.

Stay Young, Stay Healthy and Stay in the world because WE need YOU!!!

Dr Dave

PS when I was at CNIO a while back I had the huge pleasure of interviewing and discussing so many telomere related topics with Maria Blasco- the big boss of the CNIO! I cannot tell you how many wonderful people have spoon fed me so much information that no one else gets to have access to. I am eternally appreciative of all of them, Dr. Blasco included!

Reference:Shorter telomere lengths in patients with severe COVID-19 disease. Raul Sanchez-Vazquez, Ana Guío-Carrión, Antonio Zapatero-Gaviria, Paula Martínez, Maria A. Blasco (Aging, 2021). DOI: https://doi.org/10.18632/aging.202463

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