Stress, Manhood and the “New Normal”

I won’t repeat what I think of the “new normal”- I voiced my opinion before. But I will say I have been approached by a lot of people who are suffering what I call a “record scratch”. The record scratch was a once popular DJ phenom where the DJ deliberately scratched the needle over the vinyl record to make a sound that may or may not have been rhythmic.

It was meant to shock the listener into paying attention and of course causing some sort of reaction. Covid 19 has been for many people a “record scratch”. For the record I should say that in spite of the obvious fear based tactics, fear is not the ultimate goal. Fear is merely a stepping stone to something much more paralyzing, after all fear does not always freeze everyone like a deer in the headlights.

No my friend what they are really after is doubt. Doubt especially self doubt paralyzes much more predictably than fear and while both lead to compliance, fear ultimately is an untenable condition that most people will not tolerate forever. Doubt on the other hand plays on the whole authoritarian structure and reinforces the oh so important compliance. And most of us at one time or another have had some self-doubt issues unless we are psychopaths or narcissists*

I’ll say no more except this has affected several men I know in a “sexual paralysis” kind of way.

After all, in spite of the fact that men supposedly think about sex 34X a day and have a “second brain” that is supposed to function separately than the one in their head, stress still leads to sexual dys-fun-tion. Couple that with the fact that the relationship currency biologically for men is sex and you can see where the whole thing leads. Roommates instead of lovers.

I should also mention the ladies here. Supposedly women think of sex 18.6X a day. Honestly, I have to wonder what the .6 winds up leading to? Something interruptus? Also, without getting into it sex is NOT the relationship currency of most women- I’m not saying they don’t love it, its just not quite on the same biologic level as men.

Whatever your preference hormones play a key role in both sexes sexual desire and nothing squashes it faster for both men and women than stress and doubt.

What you may not realize that as opposed to women, in men, the cause is not all cerebral although the outcomes of the above negative environment may be the same. In men, chronic low grade/high grade stress can directly affect hormone secretion and lower testosterone.

Which brings me to the “cut to the chase moment”. There are not a lot of effective ways to naturally raise testosterone. Super Male Max is one since it legally falls into the testosterone boosting phase. Now it’s not like pellets, cream or shots. It’s for someone who is losing the edge, not for someone who has already lost it!!!

That said its safe, reliable and effective as a support system even a temporary one.

It would appear that we are not going to be able to live without Covid for a while. No matter what you think the natural history of viral illness is that it is not a one season deal. So, unless you can manage everything on your own, you might indeed feel some loss of “the edge”.

I have the answer.

Women, especially post-menopausal women may also benefit from a once a week dose where as for men it should be daily.

Balance and hormonal homeostasis are under threat these days. It’s good to know you can take charge and help yourself! Give it just a month, the changes will be dramatic!

Stay sharp, keep your edge and always use your head in the coming months!!!!

Dr Dave

*For the record the single most salient difference between narcissists and psychopaths is the presence or absence of a conscience.

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