The Return of Telokynase and a Special Offer

I am so gratified to tell you we now have the Telokynase I set into production back in March. Briefly the major delays were caused by 2 things:

  1. The supply chain, and
  2. The University where part of my lab “lives” was on lockdown and operating at less than half speed.

Both of those situations have resolved for the moment and in anticipation of any future issues of this type a larger batch has been set in motion as we speak. This year threw us a lot of curve balls and I want to give special thanks to so many people who were waiting on their back orders for quite some time. They were all sent out several days ago so everyone who is on the recurring plan should have them by mid-week at the latest unless you are not in the U.S. That could take longer.

Which brings me to the Special Offer. ON September 1st, 2020 the price of Telokynase will go up. I’ve tried to keep the cost down for as long as possible but with the previous events of this year it has been impossible. The cost increases we have forecasted will go through the $400 mark eventually hitting $500 by the end of the year for a single bottle. We’re doing everything we can to keep costs down, however the R&D and elaborate manufacturing process behind all of this is incredibly expensive

BUT, there is good news. If you act now and order one of the current options you will be locked in for any future iterations no matter what the cost to us is up to and until zero profit margin for us! It’s that important.

So, if you are already on it your reward is you will never pay more for it than you are now even if you started on it last year. You will get each and every version at no extra charge. This holds true for any NEW ORDERS until midnight August 31 2020.

Again, lock in now at one of the current subscription plans 1 month, 3 month 6 month and you will get the savings ad infinitum as long as you continue to receive the product! Again if you are already on Telokynase a MASSIVE THANK YOU and keep doing what you are doing on it because more is coming and the price will go up significantly in a “rolling” fashion this year.

As a brief reminder the actions on stem cells / telomerase have been documented and we are doing more and more testing on different aspects of aging including cancer, viral infections and of course cellular viability and health especially on stem cells!

The effects of telomerase activators on immunosenescense and immune competence have also been well documented. That could come in mighty handy during the coming viral season!!!

Thank you again for your patience and if you’ve thought about getting on this product, there will never be a better time than now!

Dr Dave

P.S. Don’t delay!!!! The 31st will be here before you know it!

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