Day 9! Fabulous 12 Days of Christmas Event

The hardest supplement for me to create EVER!- was the purpose built Multi Vite and all of its iterations. The latest version is on sale now with even deeper discounts on continuity/subscription.

This was one of several products we ran out of during the massive Covid rush and because of supply chain issues we were out of it for a full 4 months! During that time, we lost only 6 customers showing how much people were willing to wait for this amazing product. We’re very grateful for our amazing customers and that we can offer such an amazing product. Our new batch came in August and by the time of this writing we have already sold through HALF of it.

Now in truth, we did double our production order just so we would not run out. We are anticipating having to re- order at the end of this Christmas sale because it is so popular.

But last year the problem was not one that could have been anticipated because the “goal posts” kept changing. Its kinda like the borders with Canada and Mexico! They just keep delaying and delaying. This has already happened with some product orders because of the raw materials. The delays are getting longer and longer each time we ask.

So, order now and order lots- even cases where the discount is HUGE and don’t be caught out be the infamous and uncontrollable “rolling delays” in the supply chain over which NONE OF US has any control over.

Now is the time!


PS Some of our products many not be on sale this year for the very reason I just mentioned. We always take care of our loyal continuity customers first and if putting something in short supply on sale jeopardizes their supply it simply won’t happen this year so once again order now if you don’t want to miss out!

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