The Incredible 12 Days if Christmas Sale – Bookends!

Today we feature 2 stalwart bookends one of which at least would make a lovely New Year’s gift for someone you care about. One is a staple – and one is a product you haven’t seen in a long time!

But first let me tell you a little bit about the first featured product. Sugar Balance Support Formula – deeply discounted for today only! This should cover your sugar cravings for the entire upcoming Holiday season and help buffer the large amount of weight gain that so many people experience.

Now most people know that sugar is bad for you!

But a lot of people don’t know just how bad and how addictive it can really be. I always refer to SBSF as our unsung hero. I can tell you loads about fish oil and how good it is and you believe it as do most people. I can tell you how having healthy telomeres is one of the ways you can “Buy Runway” in your health and probably your life span!

But for some reason some people forget just how deadly refined sugars and carbs are! How they gum up the works and prematurely age your cells and your body!!! I also have told you many times that I don’t preach diets even though I am a Keto Guy.

I simply say manage your insulin and manage your sugar and calories. Sugar Balance Support Formula is my Ace in the Hole for all of that especially during the holidays. Now you can get an extra bottle free along with free shipping.

Honestly controlling your sugar ranks right up there with fish oil and telomeres even though it ain’t sexy!!! It’s a MUST!

Now on to the bookend.

We brought back our wonderful Emu Oil Based Sugar Scrub

In Unscented and the newly revised Energy & Refresh formulas Just For the Holidays. It’s deeply discounted NOW so get some for Yourself, Your family and your Friends. Supplies are limited so get it and give it now!

And Stay Sweet in the most healthy ways this Happy Holiday Season.

Sending Light and Love!!!

Dr Dave

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