Multiplying Your Assets

When I first started typing this to you frozen fingers from this seemingly endless winter caused me to leave out the last to letters of the last word in the title. My hands are warming up now but I think I will try and keep this mercifully brief.

What are your assets, specifically what are the assets “they” cannot take away from you?

In my book they are simply, your thoughts, your time and your energy along with your health!

That is pretty much it and if push came to shove how you spent those assets would determine the quality of your life and that of the people who depend on you to function at your best.

Functioning at your best is the single most persuasive argument for taking a multi vite.

The definition of healthy is chimeric.

It moves from finding to finding, advertisement to advertisement and headline to headline. I recently saw a headline, “We’ve created a healthy cookie!” That cookie was healthy because if was plant protein based. Never mind the GMO soy, the high carb count or the naturally sweetened with cane sugar.

So, for some people that would indeed qualify as healthy. For a keto guy like me the 30+grams of carbs, 18 grams of sugar and the GMO stuff would cause pause!

So where do you begin to define health. Well, you can have a look at the past email I wrote called “The Best Diet Ever” for some ideas but I can tell you its very hard to get complete nutrition on any diet since there is very little out there that honestly measures cellular function.

That is also another persuasive argument for a great scientifically designed anti-aging multi from a person who walks the walk unabashedly and unquestionably. Maximize cellular function!

Add to that unknown soil quality -yes even organic farms do not have to do soil analysis for soil quality and in some cases even toxins- they just have to meet the 3 year requirement for no prohibited substances. And to grow effectively they usually have to dig deeper. The deeper you dig the more you find stuff left from your ancestors like DDT!

Now I still eat organic but my point is that it does not in anyway make up for poor soil quality and the lack of nutrients thereof.

Then we can add packaged goods that most of us have at least some of, poor nutrient timing- we eat when we can often, and bevy of other “anti-nutrients” found in food and drink.

There is a reason the dosage of my multi varies all the way up to 6 caps a day (with food), If you compress the ingredients like so many do to make it a convenient “one a day” format you are going to get less than 20% of what is in the caplet. I use a thing micro cellulose vegan capsule for that reason as well- easy digesting and full release in the lower stomach and small intestine.

As far as what’s in it, all you have to do is look at the label and you’ll know it’s one of a kind.

I briefly mentioned in a recent email we were sold out from March of last year until August. We ordered 3X our usual dose at that time. Between the Holidays, Covid, Supply Chain issues and some raw materials scarcity it looks like that may happen again sooner than later!

But it hasn’t happened yet. So if you need a one of a kind like no other purpose designed anti-aging multi this is the only one on the market.

Don’t wait and be stuck in a back order situation. A daily multi does you no good on back order. Finally consider a continuity subscription order because we always put back as much as is possible to serve our subscription customers!

Even scientists and nutritionists completely underestimate the importance of our nutrition in so many ways! A great multi can help you improve your function and help leverage your assets to the Max. And in these times that is another compelling reason to get on it and stay on it!!!!

Besides we need assets, not asses!

Much Love,


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