Spring Needs Your Energy

Every day I briefly glance at “what is going on in the world”. The usual media outlets are still trying to get everyone to wring their hands.

“Woe is Me!”

As usual I ain’t buyin’ it.

There is too much beauty and good in this world to ignore or to even begin to focus on the negative that is spewed in our faces every single day!

People have asked why I feel this way.

Well, here are Dr Dave’s rules of forward momentum:

Be aware of the value of contrast. What you don’t want underscores what you do want and allows you to shift your focus. It does not remove the negative from the world, but it reduces it in YOUR life!

Understand the value of what you do and don’t give yourself away unless you choose too willingly. Remember many people do not believe in the law of reciprocity. You provide value to this world in SO MANY different ways that few will acknowledge and many will take for granted. Its your job not to take yourself for granted!!

For me personally it is up to the real honest and repeatable progress I’ve made and continue to make in my life. Keep an eye out on upcoming emails because you will see physical manifestations of the new real products I create – as in nothing like it is out there anywhere…Yet. As I used to say “Others may copy but none compare”. That is true of YOU too!

You can chalk it up to no longer allowing energy vampires with nothing to offer me being summarily gently excused and removed from my life. It’s hard to say goodbye to someone you love until you realize they are toxic to you (and often everyone else!). But if you don’t it will hold you back!

I do a lot of “energy work” myself, both guided and by myself but more importantly I support my mind and body energy with a critical substrate – the very currency of everything that moves, thinks, pushes, pulls, lifts, loves, and holds its position in time and space.

My daily Energy Pack is the BIG DOG of performance enhancement buffered ATP. Now it’s not like caffeine it will not give you a quick hit. But over a period of 2-4 weeks, you will see that everything you do that requires energy from thinking to doing is getting bigger faster stronger and more focused.

And you will be “buffered” against the slings and arrows of everyday life that the naysayers and vampires try to cover you in and slow you down.

Don’t be slowed down!!

I also make Energy X Maxx as a solo supplement.

Spring needs your energy and the world needs your energy more than you realize!!!

Don’t Let You Down!!!

Dr Dave

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