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Today’s topic is the continued advances and relationships involving Telomeres Epigenetics and Aging

Ready for another block buster finding? I hope so!

Somehow, I get the feeling you may not be quite as enthusiastic as I am with the current science but bear with me!

Not so long-ago telomeres took a short-lived back seat to mathematical models. In my commentary I said, “Beware of mathematicians masquerading as clinicians!” My point was you can create all kinds of models without ever touching a human life in any way including your own. I have to wonder if the “epigenetic clock” people actually ever came up with any real modifications a human being could do to lengthen life span and health span. And are they actually doing them or just modeling them?!

As of this writing the epigenetic clock model remains more of a scholarly predictive tool than an interventional one. Right now, it’s like saying “Older cars have more dents and dings so dents and dings are predictive of older cars!” This is “association” not causality and it is an age old mistake that scientists and nonscientists alike make when looking at data. This is especially true if you are fishing for headlines or grant money. I am also unsure why we would trust mathematicians before clinicians but that is just me!

Telomere lengthening via telomerase has however been proven extensively in animal models to lengthen both life span and health span. And unlike at least some of the Dietary Restriction models (I am a fan of calorie restricted keto) telomerase therapies have benefited pretty much the entire population of test subjects not just a small very long-lived subset that skews the data. Yep, that is another thing “they” won’t tell you about!

Final comment on mathematical models – look how long and hard and how much more testing we’ve done with Covid than any other virus in attempt to validate the statements of “experts” both mathematicians and public servants who head up our advisory committees only to wind up blaming the politicians for everything anyway.

Bottom line is “Beware of mathematicians masquerading as anti-aging docs, policy makers, advisors and the like.” Unlike me they never publicly admit their mistakes!

Now for the blockbuster!

The role of telomeres now appears to be extended to gene silencing and gene activating otherwise simplified to “epigenetics”. It appears that the interstitial loop and shelterin proteins associated with the local telomere can reach far and wide. It also appears that telomere like sequences that behave as gene modifiers exist inside the non-terminal (where “regular telomeres” reside) genome. Telomeres telomeres everywhere.

Now this adds additional fire to the telomere as an anti-aging agent. And it also links the telomere to the “epigenetic clock” since these sequences behave like previously identified epigenomic modifiers (such as HATs SIRTs ubiquination agents etc.).

Now if all that sounds a bit like gobbledygook don’t worry it’s my job to untangle it for you. Punch line: Do not let anyone tell you that healthy long and interactive telomeres are not essential to healthy genetics, mitochondrial powerhouses or genetic stability and genetic integrity and repairability (genetic longevity!!!)

I make 2 very specific telomere support/telomerase activation agents.

The first is the Immortality Edge Packs which contain some of the raw materials for the second Telokynase.

The Immortality Edge Packs are more of an unrefined shot gun approach. Because we do not have to extract small molecules and test them separately but can rely on the known properties of the raw materials, they are the less expensive option of the two.

Keep in mind they do not interfere with the actions of Telokynase or other telomerase activators.

Speaking of Telokynase, the latest, greatest and probably the last iteration of that amazing discovery will be in our warehouse by the beginning of March. If you are already on it you will automatically receive the updated version which I believe borders on 10X more potent than the current gold standard and at least double the version of Telokynase it replaces. If you are on subscription there is no need to change your order. You will get the new compound with no foreseeable price changes when your next order comes due.

I reward loyalty!!!

IF you are not on it and want to be then NOW is the time because I will intro the last version at less of a price increase than it will wind up costing in a week or 2. So I hate to make you wait in line, but you’ll be getting my latest and perhaps my legacy discovery for less, if you put your order in now. We should start shipping this by first week in March.

IN the meantime, if it does not fit your budget you can still reap the rewards of the basic compounds in raw material form with the Immortality Edge Packs!

Stick around longer please, so we can play longer and evolve more!!!

Dr Dave

PS I have nothing against mathematicians and admire the utility of mathematics but if you don’t do anything in the real world you should simply admit its all theory until there is actual proof. And yet I know many people who are taking things that are postulated theoretically to help with aging. These are usual the same people who question the telomere theory of aging which is highly substantiated! Fortunately, the mathematicians I know are very cool and very smart and very helpful!!!

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