But Does TA-65 Work?

Sadly, I have to start out with a disclaimer.  There are a fair number of influential powerful people and organizations that have a vested interest in discrediting anything and everything that has to do with longevity or health span enhancements.  So, as you read this understand it is for your information and education only and you alone must assume the consequences of use, misuse or non-use of the information presented here.  No disease claims are made or inferred. You can read my personal experience with TA-65 go here. This isn’t anticdotal, I took my own samples (me!) to the lab to answer the burning question; does TA-65 work?

Also, remember that for a very short period of time, like another 24 to 48 hours TA-65 is being offered at a price that I cannot even publish.

Last year a randomized double blind placebo controlled trial on the effects of TA-65 was published in a peer reviewed medical journal. The reference is at the end of this letter to you.

In a nuteshell, does TA-65 work?

It showed what I have been telling you for several years now: TA-65 does work to lengthen telomeres.  This particular group of people was CMV positive.  CMV is a chronic virus that is often referred to as similar to slow growing cancer.  I don’t particularly like that analogy but there are some salient points to understand about this virus.

It along with other chronic viruses like EBV and Herpes Simplex can damage the immune system. This happens via 2 mechanisms. One is referred to as “immune obsession” which refers to the fact that more and more specific types of immune cells are dedicated to attacking this virus.  The problem is no one is sure whether this is really needed. In other words the cell count keeps growing the longer you have the virus even though the virus itself may be quiescent and seemingly inactive. The thought is this phenomenon may be using up other immune resources that could help you fight cancer and or other infections.

The next phenomenon is known as immune depletion and may be a consequence of the first phenomenon. What happens there is the immune system seems unable to mount a decent response against other infections even though it’s got tons of cells dedicated to the CMV virus. It can’t respond as well to other challenges and may ultimately set you up for something worse.

Although, when older people in nursing homes either get active CMV or reactivate it, their death rate is in the 85% range within one to 2 years. They do not seem to die of CMV though, they die of other things both immune and non (classically) immune related.

So, boosting the telomere length of these people seems to be a very very good thing although again no one is going to make disease claims or longevity claims in the current environment! They certainly won’t comment on if TA-65 works or not.

What you do see for sure is a statistically significant increase in telomere length, lengthening of the critically short telomeres (these may be even more important than overall telomere length). You also see what I have been telling you about on the people who are not taking TA-65. Their telomeres get shorter without exception.

This is the so called “natural” progression of cellular aging that TA-65 appears to be able to influence.

So does TA-65 work?

Remember until the advent of telomerase activation no human being on earth could have expected their telomeres to lengthen as they got older.

Finally, I want to remind you of something I have said for years as well.

Few if any authors, especially non-science people understand the difference between “having longer telomeres” and lengthening telomeres.  You may have longer telomeres than a typical person your age if you eat right, exercise in a certain fashion, meditate etc. But you are not LENGTHENING them! You are slowing the loss.  Very very big difference! I just saw yet another “expert” person from the exercise field announce ways to “hack” longevity. The use of that word pretty much tells you and me all we need to know about the person writing it!

To lengthen telomeres in  meaningful fashion, you need to turn on telomerase.  To do that you need a telomerase activator!

Let’s go Long!


Best, Dr Dave


Reference: Rejuvenation Res. 2016 Dec 1; 19(6): 478–484.

Published online 2016 Dec 1. doi:  10.1089/rej.2015.1793

PMCID: PMC5178008

A Natural Product Telomerase Activator Lengthens Telomeres in Humans: A Randomized, Double Blind, and Placebo Controlled Study

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