I’m Back in the Saddle and Back In Business

This is Celebration Day #1

Wow it feels like ages since I had something other than words to offer you! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back to offering you things that I take personally and I know will improve your life! It’s been a long road and one that was fraught with needless obstructions and difficulties. But your help, support, patience, and understanding has made it worthwhile.

And so today I pick up where I left off over 16 months ago, giving you my BEST, smartest and most useful supplements and advice on your health, wellness and longevity.

The new website www.TheLongevityEdge.com will look and feel familiar to you and will bring you the latest and greatest advice and products on staying young and healthy for if possible.

And as always, I will be the human guinea pig for you!

Now I do have to ask you a favor. I have been slowed considerably by recent events and so things have taken a little longer than anticipated. For those of you who were with me since the beginning I ask you to remember I did not create my business overnight! If you are new to me than please do your best to understand that I create things that you cannot get elsewhere in most cases!

But today I have one fantastic product to offer you.  It rivaled my fish oil in popularity and tons of people have been asking for it.

So today we launch in fitting fashion with the greatest anti-aging supplement discovery of the 21st century. It has been studied in humans, it has been around for several years and has a safety record paralleled by none.

My dear friend, we are starting with TA-65MD 90 count, 250 units per capsule. This was the standard flag bearer of telomerase activators that I was involved in from the early days.  It is the product most often referred to in chapters of our book, The Immortality Edge.

And to sweeten the pot I have gotten special dispensation to offer it at a very low price but only for a very very short time- like 72hours!!!!

So, if you know it, need it, and want it at a price so low I cannot publish it, you need to go here.

If you want a refresher as to what it is and what it does then take a few minutes to read my story and experience with TA-65.

This offer is for my loyal readers and customers only so please do not spread it across the internet!

Finally, I will tell you my newest and most fabulous fish oil product will be ready in just a few short weeks!

After that the sky will be the limit for you and me as I redesign and update my ideas base on the extensive knowledge I have gained over the past year and a half.

Again, thanks for all you have done to support me and my efforts. This new version of things will be the BEST EVER!

With appreciation and excitement,


Dr. Dave


P.S. For those of you who buy today I have a very special surprise gift that I is worth far far more than the $29.95 sales price. It is entitled, “The Horrendous Diet” and that may sound like a bad thing, but it is the diet that everyone wishes they could eat and for most people is incredibly healthy.  To find out more you can click here The Horrendous Diet- Your Guide to Cutting Edge Eating for the Best Health!


P.P.S. For reasons I cannot get into TA-65 disappeared from my inventory for a long time- and it may do so again. More than this I cannot say- GET IT HERE NOW WHILE YOU CAN!!!

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  1. I am so excited and happy for you Doc! Am so looking 4ward to seeing the new items that’s coming out. Especially the fish oil! Am a big fan of and convinced of fish oil’s benefits and I WILL be purchasing.So glad you’re back doing what you do! Cheers!

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