Omega 3’s Good Science vs. Bad Science

I was asked one of the best questions I ever heard about Omega 3 fish oils by a reporter who was doing a story on them 2 years ago.

He said, “Why is it so hard to get the truth about them! Do they work or don’t they!”

The easy answer was of course they do but that is not what I told him. I told him about all the different studies both pro and con. I pointed out that almost all of the “con” studies were exactly that: cons pre designed to show a failure of fish oil to achieve whatever end point they were focusing on. The big one seems to be heart disease, but with the advent of Vascepa and the REDUCE-IT trial many people are re examining their belief systems.

The only con Big Pharma mouth piece docs and journals can come out with is “Hey that is not fish oil it’s a drug derived from fish oil. Don’t imagine fish oil works!”

I don’t have to.

A recent study in the Journal of Medicine which apparently does not survive on drug company ad money, basically showed between 15-18% overall mortality in the people consuming the highest amounts. The results were linear meaning the higher the Omega 3 consumption, the lower the overall mortality and the lower the less positive results. Do you understand now why I continuously cry foul at the major mouthpiece journals when they publish negative results with less than one gram a day (less than one capsule of my fish oil).

The other important thing is that this may be the longest running and largest study ever done. It looked at over 420,000 people, both men and women, and ran for 16 years. Pretty hard to debate that but I am sure the naysayers will try.

The other important point is there were positive impacts on various diseases of aging including whopping reductions in Alzheimer’s and cancer. Now I am not allowed to tell you my fish oil will do this-you need to draw your own conclusions.

Also this week studies were released on reduction of breast cancer spread (metastatic spreading cancers are the large reason people die from cancer.

And another study showing improved brain function in the elderly and yet another in young children.

And finally earlier this year another study showed that Omega 3 levels ( understand that fish oil supplementation raises Omega 3 levels- you DO NOT need to eat fish to get this increase) are better predictors of death than cholesterol.

None of this should be new to you if you have read my emails or seen me speak live.

This data has been out there since 1999 and has been repeated. In my opinion there is simply been a now failed attempt to suppress it by using science to hide the truth.

Well science also reveals the truth especially good science.

My personal non medical advice/opinion is Omega 3’s are not miracle workers or panaceas. They are simply missing essential ingredients in our diet. If we stopped looking at them as a “supplement” and an essential vitamin the suppression of these benefits would not be necessary by people who are threatened by YOUR better health and longer life!

Take your Fish Oil everyday! And you might want to buy it by the case!



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