Suddenly Aging is a Thing Part 2

I read a recent article in Forbes that stated that the Fountain of Youth may be hiding in plain sight.

Wanna guess what the hidden fountain was?

Telomeres of course.

What was sad is that this concept is now 10 years old and that 9 years ago I wrote a book about this very thing, now all of a sudden Aging is a Thing -as I titled a relatively recent post. The pendulum seems finally to have swung in the direction I have been hoping for for the last decade.

When I wrote the Immortality Edge in 2009-10 I never dreamed it would take this long.

Scientists are now beginning to stop obstructing the concept of Aging as a Disease and of Extended Life and Health spans.

Of course, this article highlighted the role of drugs, all of which were not designed for this purpose. But drugs are so embedded in the psyche of the Western Scientist (can you say Drug Payday!) that it has to be drugs. Lip service is paid to life style changes and “other” modalities.

Conspicuously missing is the concept of activating telomerase.

Again, you will see those words when a drug is developed for this purpose and not before.

The elusive obvious remains elusive but not for long.

Any drug even ones “designed by computers” will be found in a natural product before or after the drug is made. It may even be the source of the early drugs that will eventually hit the market to combat aging. In the meantime, we are stuck with rapamycin and metformin neither of which are star players and both of which were meant to be used for something else.

Just the other day I got an inquiry from someone wanting to be treated with rapamycin. I suggested he lose 60 pounds first! The concept of “Drug as Savior” is one that Big Pharma has pushed harder and harder on. Ironically and much to their chagrin, supplement sales are at an all-time high.

If you are looking for an all-natural Nature derived product here it is!

Why not start buying some runway? Remember it took 10 years for “modern” science to even accept the concept of aging as a disease. How long do you think it will take them to create a drug for it?!

Dr Dave

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