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As time goes, on people realize more and more the importance of treating your body to the best.

It seems like every day there is a new oil claiming to be “as good as” fish oil.

Some come from birds, some come from plants, some come from plankton, but none have the weight of evidence that fish oil has in improving human health.

Currently, the National Library of Medicine has over 13,000 citations on fish oil.

I have read most of them.

I have also read the scant handful of similar articles on the multitude of what I will simply call pretender oils.

People will continue to promote all kinds of things and tie it on to fish oil.

You’ll read stuff like: better than fish oil, stop taking fish oil, as good as fish oil.

In each case there is simply no evidence to back up these claims.

Here is what happens when you get on the right stuff.

“Hello, Dr Dave! This is my second bottle and I love it. I am 54, 150lbs and in relatively good health, however, I have a periodic irregular heartbeat. The fish oil is incredible in overall well-being for me, as well as maintaining a regular heartbeat under stress. THANKS! Your CD is very informative. You are right; there is no fish burp with your high quality oil. Thanks again. Best regards Bob F.”

Thank you, Bob, and thanks for joining the ranks of reordering customers.

There is a reason why some 85% of my audience is on one or more of my products for more than one time.

They work, plain and simple.

Ultra Potent Fish Oil.


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