When Good Bye is a Good Thing

Wow didn’t the summer just fly by! Here’s hoping you are in a place where you still have some good weather.

One thing that always struck me about the beginning of Autumn is how many people suffer from various allergies.

I live in a farming community and let me tell you between hay fever, mold, and all the particulate material from the farms it is a challenge to any immune system.

When prescribing drugs was what I did for a living I had access to just about every anti-histamine, steroid, eye drops- you name it.

And on occasion I used them all to combat allergies. I am certain this process is being repeated across the country as we speak. Then I found an alternative.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the Omega 3’s that make up fish oil help your immune system deal with runaway responses that cause allergies.

So I said goodbye to drugs and sedation that comes with them. Good bye to nasal steroid drops and anti-histamine eye drops. And good bye to sneezing, runny nose, itching, coughing, red eyes and sore throat.

So before you run to the doctor or pharmacy for your seasonal allergy drugs make sure you are getting adequate fish oil.

Sometimes good bye is a good thing!



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