Complete and Balanced Fish Oil- For Whom?

Over the many years, I became and Omega 3 guru I saw a lot of stuff come out on the market in that arena.  The good news is that innovation continues.  Maybe even better news is that my new product is due out in a very short time.  I am not being deliberately cryptic on the release date- I just don’t want to make promises I can’t keep like some others do!

But I am constantly bombarded with “new” and innovative products.  A new/old approach to creating something different in the field is to create a “balanced” oil.  This is not a new approach – Udo Erasmus did it decades ago and was very successful at marketing the product.  I have written about this in the past.  The construct of a “balanced” oil suggests that YOU need a mix of stuff to get the right fatty acid nutrition.

Most likely you do not.

Study after study has shown that we are deficient only on the 2 most essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA.

As a reminder in case you missed the last 15 years of my journey into Omega 3’s you DO need both EPA an DHA and should not buy just DHA “for the brain” or any other reason. You need both!

You also DO NOT need more Omega 6 or 9 in your diet.  Omega 9 is non-essential and Omega 6 while essential is flooding almost every Western person’s diet out there.

Again, you only need EPA and DHA.   Omega 7 is interesting and may be helpful but right now the data only supports maybe using it in diabetics.  Omega 7 is non-essential.

So, as you wait patiently for my next Omega 3, let me remind you not to succumb to marketing hype or pseudo-science!

Let me also remind you we are having a great telecon Thursday March 16th at 730 PM EST

Apparently, there have been several different times and messages about this telecon but everything is correct as above and you can sign up here.

It’s completely totally free and I will do my best to keep the lecture down and answer as many questions as possible.  I have 2 more great telecons on this very topic coming up with super stars Bill Andrews and Elissa Epel in the next 2 months or so.

Of course, when the new Omega 3 comes out we’ll do one on the latest and greatest findings on that topic as well.

Here’s to staying young and healthy!!!

Dr Dave

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