It’s Time for Us to Talk!

So, I have picked next Thursday as the 1st of many telecons to share my time and knowledge with you.

At 7 PM EST March 16th (this Thursday) I’ll be in the hot seat to answer your questions and review some of my favorite topics. To wit we’ll be talking telomeres, telomerase activators and covering a  little basic science so you can stay ahead of the aging curve and ahead of your peers, and way ahead of the competition.

So, block off that time and get your questions ready because I will give until there is nothing left so you get the answers you need!

And of course, there will be at least one special for you as well.  But you need to be live to take advantage of everything I have to offer.

Also, as has ALWAYS been the case in the past, the telecons fill up to capacity long before we do them and ultimately people have to be turned away.

I hate turning people away and you are the last person I want this to happen to- so sign up now and be there on Thursday and we can have that talk both of us always want to have!

Also, a couple of housekeeping issues.

In case you don’t read all the emails (shame on you!) all of the TA-65 from the special  has been sent out and yours should be there any day if its not already!

Next, we are running a special on the newly arrived low dose TA 100 unit 30 count.  It’s a price that is unbeatable so if you want to toe dip, training bra or whatever with TA and do not want to commit to the full dose more expensive product here is a great chance to get it cheap!

This is important: I have gotten a number of disconcerting emails from people asking why they have not received the fish oil they ordered months and months ago. I can only assume you ordered from BioStem Wellness which is using the name DR Dave’s Best to market products.  You will need to take up any issues with them as I have had nothing to do with anything since we “amicably parted company” September 29th 2016. So do not hold me responsible or ask me questions about that business, contact them directly.

My new Omega 3 will be available in about 3 weeks if not sooner.  I will keep you posted but I do not want to keep my people waiting without being sure of my supply chain! I can promise that if you pre order, or order during the launch you will not have to wait 4 months for your product!  Do understand however that the demand for raw materials is very high for even the best most expensive Omega 3 oils and that encapsulation process can take up to 12 weeks so don’t be too hard on the poor people who keep you waiting! It could happen to anyone.

Finally, I will be interviewing yet another telomere god (in this case actually goddess) in about 3 weeks and I also have one or two more telecons planned for you so, stay tuned as always because the momentum is building for me, DR Dave 2.0!

See you Thursday night!!!!


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