Happy New Year From Dr Dave!

Where ever you are, Whatever You are Doing I hope it brings you Joy and fulfillment.

As good or not so good as 2019 may have been to you 2020 is a chance to change the things you didn’t like.

Here are 12 Hints for a Happier and Healthier You (Hey I’m not Jordan Peterson so I call them Hints not Rules 😊

Hint 1: You cannot change everything but you can create a better you and often a better situation for you, and those you love.

Hint 2 Get rid of Attachments to Things that Do Not Serve Your Highest Good-even if you are serving theirs!!! But do it with Love and Appreciation.

Hint 3 Sometimes “What” is More Important than Why.

Hint 4: You change No One other than Yourself no matter how good you are to or for Someone- it is Their Journey.

 Hint 5: Many times the Body follows the Mind, But if your Follower is Sick You are going to have to Carry them along rather than Fly with them.

Hint 6: The key to Health and a Great Body starts in the Kitchen- not in the Gym.

Hint 7: Supplements are Tools for #6 Not Substitutes!!!

Hint 8: Life is Fractal- even if you think you are not!

Hint 9: The Giving is over with the Giving. Give because You want to not because of a need or a want for something back. Master this and you will be like no one You or anyone else Knows!

Hint 10: Hurt People Hurt People. Aside from mental illness, emotional pain causes more pain in others than we realize. Pain is a survival level thing (1st and 2nd Chakra or Freud if you prefer). People will hurt others in attempt to assuage their own pain. You can take physical pain and mental pain away from others- but only if they let you. If their free will or journey is to suffer- you CAN be compassionate. This includes people who lie to themselves or others. Know it’s a lie and don’t fall for it, but understand its fear-based protection in many cases!

Hint 11: The Best Prayer Ever and One I say Every Day; “Thank you!”

Hint 12: Hope and Curiosity make it worth getting out of bed every day- no matter who is next to you! Nurture Both and you will always have Joy for the Day you have been Given!

If it was a banner year for you, you now have the keys to the kingdom and can continue your rule as long as you stay awake and aware of the ever-changing forces of the world.

Some say: “Nothing is forever!”  I say “BS!!! What is in your heart and your soul is forever so take responsibility for the role you play… good or bad”

Personally, I also believe you do not control nearly as many things as you think you do, but you control more than you are willing to admit so… Search inside first for the Solutions, Joys and Creations you were meant to find… You already know the Truth- now live it or keep living it and help others.

“Your primary purpose here is to help others. If you cannot help others- at least don’t hurt them!” Dalai Lama

I can say I know I have helped others- and there will more others for me to help!

I hope I have enriched your life in some small way. Everything and everyone shapes us!

I want to personally thank you for your love, your support and your continued curiosity.

I will continue to share mine with YOU!

Above all else I hope you have Peace in Your Heart- You deserve it as You Know!

Happy New Year and 2020- The Best Year Ever!!!

Dr Dave

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