Telomeres and Epigenetics and Your Health!

From the ground up who you are, how you look, and what tools you are or are not given are to a large extent programed into your genes and the structures that surround them (epigenes and the mitochondria).

So to is the capacity for a long health life.

Recent science has discovered the way in which your telomeres (biological time clocks) can interface with genes in an epigenetic fashion (attach to those genes and structures and modify them) to allow them to be turned on or turned off and several degrees in between.

The telomere can loop on itself to form a “T loop” and this T loop contains telomere sequences that can influence epigenetic structures and thus genes far away from the end of the chromosome where the telomere is located.

Thus the telomere in and of itself may be a biologic time clock but now we know how it can influence cellular fitness pretty much anywhere in the genome.

Scientists will continue to ferret out further roles the telomere plays in aging humans but for now the Bottom Line is this: Take Care of Your Telomeres!

My purpose designed Immortality Edge Packs are an every day MUST HAVE for this process.

The New Year is here. What are you doing to extend your health and longevity?

Dr Dave

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