Intention Vs. Emanation- Notes from the Road

Well the end of an almost month long

Trip to Costa Rica is slowly coming but I continue to learn and integrate the lessons I am being offered from so many different sources and places.

Todays topic centers around the word intention and how you might use it or even improve on it to make life better and more productive.

I mean we are all supposed to have intentions in our life as a road map to where we want to go right?!

But the word Intention is most interesting if you split it into “In Tension”. You are actually creating tension within yourself to drive or supply the juice you need to create something new and different in your life.

I was taught this is good

You need tension and some discord to recognize you want something to change. But there can be a lot of suffering In Tension. This tension comes from the “monkey mind” and the ego. It its with the “do, have, be “ mantra.

I’d like to suggest you consider emanation instead. Emanation comes from the heart or the very source of your being. It is what you already are simply being manifested physically.

Since it comes from the source, the bigger you and the heart there is no tension. You simply “be it” and then your mantra is “be, do, have” mantra.

Now the easiest way to get to this point is of course meditation. I’ve talked to you before about the benefits of meditation on telomere length.

Now I want you to consider it as a life changing tool! And while you are considering that you might want to think about adding in my #1 creative hack.

I create by emanation not tension. And I will swear to you 2 things: first it happens easily and second this helps immensely. I jokingly call it a “problem solver in a bottle”!

I’ll be back in a stable environment soon but in the meantime there are more lessons to learn!

I promise to share with YOU!


Dr Dave


Here are 2 DD quotes for you to meditate on if you need a little help.

“Emanation is an outflowing of your heart through creativity. What would your life look like if you honored that desire? Hint include people you love in the answer!”

“Most of us spend most of our lives doing and living what others have programmed us to do instead of what we are meant to do!”

See Ya Soon!!!!


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