The New Normal- Let your actions do your talking!

Before I launch into today’s mess let me alert you to a brand new podcast about stem cells and Covid-19 so you understand I am not just a talker who parasitically drains others for ideas and products. I do what I say and am genuine in every sense of the word. I do not need to label myself with words to prove it

My actions do the talking and You can listen to the podcast here.

I have to tell you I am pretty pissed right now. One thing I really don’t like is when people start telling me “How it’s going to be” before all the information is in and before there has been an honest analysis about what really happened instead of an agenda that was rammed down people’s throats.

I remind you its from both sides, traditional and alternative- each have sold fear hubris and control to get your attention.

I’ve waxed long and hard on my feelings about this pandemic. I will simply say what I’ve said all along. I ain’t buyin’ it. Way too much “feels” wrong in my medical gut to think there was not some other use for terrorizing the population with doom and gloom.

Along those lines comes the issue of rebound infections and immunity. The “powers that be” are telling us to expect rebounds of this infection based on the Spanish Flu epidemic (they didn’t use the more terrifying word “pandemic” in those days).

Just by way of history that epidemic infected 500 million people (1/3 of the world’s population at the time) presuming you think the reporting and diagnosis were accurate in 1917 and killed around 50 million depending on what figures you cite. The error bars are huge on any of these things. But it would appear that the epidemic claimed more lives than the likely source of it – WW1 !

Same with influenza this year. Though it’s under the radar it appears to have infected and killed far more people than covid 19- again if you believe the numbers.

I remind you that 97% of covid infections result in no or minimal symptoms. I remind you that the highest death rates are in large, highly densely packed cities with clearly overwhelmed medical systems. I remind you that is where the news media focused, not on the huge swaths of the country that had plenty of resources to adequately care for people instead of “neglecting” large numbers of people they could not muster the response for. I remind you that if Covid is so friggin fast to spread the number of one million infections in the US has to be complete bullshit! It’s a virus for heaven’s sake just about everybody has been exposed (my opinion not that of the authorities). Now think for a second what it would mean if I am correct. How would you sell the terror agenda to a nation that has already been infected and not died?!

My stance has always been “something else is going on here” but where I admittedly fall short is in fixing blame. I don’t know whose fault the reaction to this is but my guess is neither does anyone else. IF there are people behind the manipulation of things, I suspect they are far too smart and far to protected to be found by a simple explanation. I’d guess they are laughing their asses off at all the conspiracy theories that obfuscate what really happened.

I haven’t ruled out complete incompetence and CYA as deciding factors either.

But honestly the real point of this email is to remind you of a few things.

First the next agenda you will be sold is one of the expectation of more fear and terror to manipulate your behavior and challenge your personal freedoms. It will come from “authorities” who use 3 tactics: fear, herd mentality, and guilt at NOT doing EXACTLY as you are told. So, when they define the NEW NORMAL look at who’s talking and what they are saying.

I love it when people tell me how to think and act especially using medical terror. I’ve been around way too long and seen far too many things to buy that line.

You will have a decision to make. Do you do as you are told and believe its going to save you, or do you take proactive steps like this and this.

Do you invest in your immune system health for wellness, and healthy aging or do you wait for vaccines, pills and medically authorized “sanctioned by the authorities” interventions?’

Or, you could actually do BOTH especially while you are waiting for the miracle of modern medical science to come to the rescue.

Another terror tactic will be to tell you YOU can’t develop immunity to this virus. They will leave out the fact that these things mutate often into far less virulent forms so even if it’s true you can’t develop immunity (That is BS by the way) there is no guarantee any of us will have to face a worse or equal pathogen right away. And when we do you personally will, by arming yourself be “more ready” and protected than “they” want you to be or believe.

So, since everybody seems to know what the “New Normal” is let me pontificate on my version.

  1. Relying on “traditional medical authorities” is a dangerous game, and one that has pretty much lost all credibility in this recent series of events. At the very least you would be wise to DO MORE and be more proactive.
  2. Relying on the news media has been ridiculous for decades but as with #1 it is now dangerous to your physical and mental health!
  3. Based on the above independent free people will quietly take matters into their own hands (OMG a quiet revolution) and solve these things faster and better than “traditional outlets” will. But don’t feel too bad for big money interests, as always, they will buy out the originators and claim the invention as theirs.

The “powers that be” have actually completely sabotaged their credibility with enough people that their control and incomes will be slowly but surely eroded and you will see more drastic measures (like the manipulation of health crisis, political crisis and monetary crisis?) to protect their power base.

The sad part is only a small fraction of the population is actually awake enough to understand that they are actually in control of their new normal. Most people will try to make the old paradigms fit and will struggle more and more with it as time goes on- and feel more powerless.

I cannot tell you how sad it makes me to know so many people like that who think they are being honest with themselves in their actions and their energies and are actually clueless. I cannot save them and neither can you. We can only pray for good things to come to those we love. And if appropriate support them through the painful realization that so many belief systems are going to fail epically when that inevitably happens.

My simple advice is to remember the above when the next global disaster headlines arrive. You will have a personal choice to make on how to protect yourself and the ones you love.

I can only tell you what I am doing. I can also tell you that the scrutiny of my activities began as far back as 2015 and I am absolutely being watched. Though I have been very vocal I am not famous enough to be a big target. But I hang out with people who are and of course there is “guilt by association” so who knows when the hammer is going to drop. The converse is also true- often this kind of censorship creates martyrs and heroes LOL. I think I’ll pass and try to quietly disseminate my truth to those who would hear it.

As with all things I urge you to be pleasantly skeptical on everything including my points of view. I’ve always said, “I do this for me but I’m happy to have you by my side!” Educate yourself and as Bruce Lee said, “Keep what is useful and discard the rest!”

That is TRUTH, not just my truth but THE TRUTH!

Celebrating the inevitable end to this crisis and being at the forefront of the “New Normal”

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!” Bob Marley

Thinking of you with Hope and Love,

Dr Dave

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