Now What?!

OK so just a reminder, when someone starts pontificating about “what the new normal is” Please tell them to kiss your azz and mine too!

Not to dwell on the previous 2.5 month of abject BS but as the truth comes out, it’s pretty obvious (or is that oblivious!) trillions of dollars and trillions of man and women hours were wasted.

But not by everyone!!!

As a matter of fact, I am so excited and proud that I have so many conscious and awake people who with no medical knowledge or training “knew” this was something different than what was presented.

In point of fact most of the people on my list actually used this time to improve themselves and their situation instead of becoming a negative helpless or violent statistic!


So now what?!

Well honestly nothing really has to or should change. The focus should remain on you and the ones you love first. Continue to improve your mind, your body, to de age yourself and expand who you are in this world.

In this way you will become one of the leaders you were meant to be instead of the followers. I’m just the pebble in the pond, but YOU are the making the WAVES!

And that reminds me: I saw an ad on SM the other day with a flock of sheep wearing masks. This was in reference to “people following orders” but also insinuating that masks might be bad for you. I wanted to remind you that our masks are not the barrier- the vapors from the essential oil blend are!!!

How firggin’ unique is that!!!!

OK back to you. Now that you realize you were always in control and always free even thought the world often chooses to make itself “unfree”, take the lessons you’ve learned and dig into the healthy habits of exercise, eating and supplementation that you started and keep them rolling along.

You will find you are indeed in control of the new normal, the old normal and YOUR normal and no one else can stop that!

One thing that has proven invaluable to me in keeping the momentum going and excelling in these past 2 months is the Energy pack Featuring Toco Q and Energy X Maxx this non caffeine based combo charges your mitochondrial powerhouses and helps support the energy you need for challenging times-whether they are real or manufactured, internal or external.

Energy is the currency of Creation. And Creation is Divine!!!

Get Some!!!


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