A Comedy of Errors?!

I hope you enjoyed the brief respite from talking about Covid-19.

It turns out that the director of the CDC feels the same way… He started talking about, guess what, Influenza!

You know, the other virus that has been quietly killing 10X as many children as Covid, You know that one that is estimated to transcend 60,000+ Americans alone this year.

The gist of his presentation was “Get the Flu Shot!” or more importantly his word was “embrace” the flu shot- how sexy!!!

Never mind that it is only 40-60% effective at best and will not protect the very people who need it most, very well. That would be the Covid victims of next season (hint if there is a next season!). The elderly and immunocompromised do not respond very well to the vaccine but the young, healthy immunointact (yes that is a DD neologism you will start seeing more of as “influencers”- you know those people who really do shape public opinion – start using it).

The statement was made that flu season was over so we were able to use all of our surveillance options for Covid. That is NOT TRUE- flu season “officially” ended when the CDC decided to stop reporting the numbers because they WANTED to focus on COVID and not flu.

As a result it allowed them to make this statement: ”It is possible that Covid deaths are underestimated and basically hiding in the pneumonia population that is dying from Flu. “ Stop testing for it and you don’t have to report it. Stop testing for it and you can conspeculate that Covid is doing the killing and you are just underestimating the impact.

Of course the converse which is also true was completely not mentioned or alluded to. Stop testing and you don’t know if it was influenza or not.

The very week they stopped posting the reporting there were more than 10 pediatric deaths from flu in the US alone and scores more in Italy which is having its worst flu season in several decades.

Couple that with the same week declaration that flu pneumonia deaths just reached epidemic proportions (8.2%) and they picked a fine time to say that Influenza season is “over”.

If you want to keep score the way our news media does then its Flu 500,000 vs Covid 182,000 world wide.

Now like you, I am asking- what is the REAL agenda. The fear part is starting to wear off, the numbers are not hitting the terrible marks that were originally predicted thanks of course to the brilliant interventions of the powers that be and of course the cooperation of the American people!

But wait a minute. I was not needed when I volunteered- case load was not big enough. And the people around where I live were anything but cooperative. They pretty much did whatever they wanted in spite of me personally adopting the recommended measures and continuing them immediately.

Here is another thing, The US has had more covid cases than any other country and more deaths, but no where nearly proportionately to other countries. How is that possible since our “lock down” looks nothing like theirs which is far more severe?

Then there is the question of the test. There are several of them out there and it’s difficult for me to verify the details of the QPCR technology used but I can say this: The number of times you amplify a genome amplifies the error bars greatly. I have heard that 60X has been used in some of the European countries to test for Covid. Anything over 30X is asking for a lot of false positive amplification. Now I won’t go so far as to say that some health authorities appear to be looking for ways to increase the number of covid deaths to fit a certain unknown agenda.

But I will say all of a sudden Flu has become a just as important a player and not to be ignored – something I’ve said all along.

And even though the “second wave” is going to be worse with Covid, it is con speculation (another DD neologism combining confabulation with speculation) that it is coming again and maybe even a third time.

So, in the words of the CDC, get a flu shot.

If all of this is starting to sound more and more like mumbo jumbo to you, you are not alone. I am beginning to believe that the hidden agenda is just plain old “caught with your pants down honey it’s not what it looks like” incompetence.

So while we do what we are told my suggestion is you take some additional precautions just based on the fact that those in power- on all sides- are beginning to look very much like a bunch of acid addled stumble bums (think the Grateful Dead on a bad night!).

Here is what I am doing and will continue.

And we have indeed decided to bring back Immune Boost although we may have to actually wait to release it until you need a flu shot- e.g. next fall in “Virus” season.

As the comedy of errors (geez I wish it was a comedy of Eros! Then we’d be using this) plays out rest assured I’m going to work on strengthening your immune system and creating additional ways to protect you and the ones you loved, now and in the very near future!

Telokynase will arrive end of May. More Fish oil is on the way. The masks have just arrived for the Covid kits and we’ll be filling all the back orders post haste, there are a VERY LIMITED amount in stock right now.

And I’ve decided to offer the buy 2 get one free Immortality Edge Packs deal again so if you missed it or want to stock up for next virus season you can take advantage of the great pricing NOW.

I got your back!

And both of us have “gut” feelings that maybe we should do more and different things that “just what we are told”!

Spread the word, not the Virus!!!

Dr Dave

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