Voting: Making an Intelligent Choice

Today is the day for the fabled mid term elections. We are bombarded on all sides with contradictory information in the form of facts.

The truth of the matter is that most of these things do not play on our intelligence, they prey on our emotions. It’s actually similar to buying behavior. A study of buyers’ habits revealed that even people who weigh all the odds and make what the consider to be an intelligent choice based on stats and figures are actually buying emotionally.

So, all the work that is done to make an intelligent choice (think consumer reports etc.) is actually done to satisfy the emotional need to weigh all the odds and feel like they made an intelligent choice.

Hey I didn’t make this world, I just live in it!!!

But the least you can do is support your ability to make an intelligent choice by giving your brain a leg up in this day and age of endless attention deficit and sound bytes.

By that I mean using Brain Force One to provide the substrates for a healthy happy brain.

The only advice on voting I can give you is do so.

The rest of your life still awaits and it will require intelligent choices.

Don’t let your Brain fail you!!!


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