I probably Screw up Lay and Lie Too!

Some wonderful handful of you commented on the use of “way” instead of “weigh all the odds”. Those of you who know me well actually wanted to know if it was deliberate.

While I honestly appreciate your faith in me and my sense of humor, I can assure you it was an undetected spell check machination. I won’t even tell you what Siri does to the phrase “shaved pork”!

I probably screw up lay and lie although having experienced the latter far more times than the former I am in my 6th decade finally beginning to get it!

Another one is Affect vs Effect. No matter how many times I look up the definitions, I am still never 100% sure which one is the proper.

And finally, 2 of you had an equally wicked sense of humor suggesting that someone who makes an intelligent choice should also know the difference between way and weigh-especially someone who is looked to to educe.

All of that said I appreciate the humor in the situation, accept the humbling lesson and will pay more attention in the future- at least for a while. Why mess up Flow with details-we are all friends here!

I do still stand by Brain Force One and its ability to keep my brain on a creative, memory and thinking high.

I never claimed it would help your spelling!

Have a Fantastic Day


PS lame video great song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7RI0P9iCk4

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