The Complete Bundle

$349.95 available on subscription from $349.95 / month

Dr. Dave Woynarowski’s Bundle – Includes 1 of Every Product We Make!

Dr Dave here!  The real Dr. Dave that is!

I promised you something different this year- something that would distinguish me and let you know it’s the real me.  So I WILL NOT be having a 12 days of Christmas sale this year.

What I am doing instead is a series of Flash Deals starting today.

Keep in mind the concept of the Flash Deal is that it is unpredictable and not announced.

So, one day we may have a new product or a pre-existing one on sale and the next it may be gone! I will then have to charm you with some free info that will make your life better until the next Flash Deal which will be at my whim lol.

Now you may think I am being cruel!  I am not!

I simply want to remind you that what I make IS special new and different and worth a little extra effort.

Heck you already put the effort in to read my newsletters and blogs and think of all the stuff you’ve learned with a little extra effort.

In addition, I am going to reduce the prices and give free shipping in CONUS so it will be worth the teeny tiny little bit extra it takes to tune in every day.  Now I do promise I won’t hide sales in the writing- you’ll know up front.

Ok enough rules here is today’s Gigantic Savings Flash Deal.

Today is Continuity / Subscription only on EVERYTHING WE MAKE.

Now in order to reward you for your loyalty I’ve made it so you can try

This is the Everything Against Aging bundle!!!

But this only applies if you order on our subscription plan (come on you know you want to save more and not have to worry about re ordering).

So this Deal includes:

1 Ultra Potent Fish Oil Retail $74.95

1 Young Life Daily (Super Multi) Retail $53.95

1 Brain Force One (Brain Formula) Retail $84.95

1 Mito QE ( Mitochondria Support) Retail $59.95

1 Sugar Balance Support Formula Yes Also Brand Spanking New!!!!! Designed to support healthy sugar and insulin metabolism critical to Aging Well. Retail 62.95.

1 Energy Maxx X  (Energizer)  Yes This one is Brand Spanking New and you can be among the first to get on it! And if you calculate the savings its FREE! Normal Retail is 64.95.

I think that with the possible exception of Telomerase Formulations (that is coming soon!) this is everything you’d possible want in your fight to Stay Young and Healthy Longer.

That is in excess of $400.00 + free shipping in CONUS for the whopping discounted sales price of $299.95!

This Deal runs until tomorrow night at midnight only and then its gone!

So act now and save now and welcome the Holidays and the New Year in with a ready to rock Turn-key Anti-Aging Took kit!


PS Again this is a continuity/subscription sale only to reward out wonderful customers with the highest possible savings.  Keep your eyes on the emails because more deals are coming!

Weight 1.8125 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5.25 in


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