Day 2 Of the Super 12 Days of Christmas Sale!!!


Todays amazing sale item is Sweet Sleep Z  This is the world’s first and only all-natural non-habit forming sleep aid with a built in anti-oxidant to help your body and brain do what they do best during sleep – Rest and Repair.

By putting the anti-oxidant- (Zeaxanthin) right where you need it your body and mind do not swim alone in the sea of recovery. They have the help they need right when they want it.

Couple that with Sweet Sleep Z’s sleep induction system that helps you fall asleep fast and stay asleep through the requisite number of sleep cycles to assure a great night’s rest and you have the answer to any sleep disruption you may have*

Get it now at 18% off with free shipping in the U.S.

There is nothing like a great night’s sleep and there is nothing like Sweet Sleep Z anywhere.

Get it, experience it and thrive on it!!!!

Dr Dave

P.S. The Energy Bundle of 3 Energy X Maxx and 3 Toco QE is still available at 20% off but its going fast so Act Now!


*This product is not a cure, treatment or diagnosis for any disease state. All sleep aids can be psychologically habit forming even if they are not physically habit forming. Do not use this product if you have excessive day time sleepiness due to a disease or medication and do not use this product if you have untreated Sleep Apnea Syndromes!!!

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