A Hard Day’s Night

Ok so I’ll admit it. I had 2 majors in college.

One of course was biology since med school was then my ultimate destination.

The other was English- and despite my prof’s constantly being embarrassed by my fonetic spelling lol. I managed to write well enough to please them otherwise. Shakespeare was my main focus and its on my list to start reading him ( or them if you are a conspiracy theorist!) again.

Midsummer Night’s Dream was among my favorites.

But recently I have gotten several emails from people asking about sleep changes during the seasons.

People have noted waking up and going to bed much earlier than the rest of the year during summer.
I think this is a natural thing but only for some people.

Nothing has been written about this that I know of but my clinical experience and constant habit of thinking has led me to this conclusion:

Some people are far more sensitive to light and seasonal inputs than others.

We’ve all often read about early man rising with the sun and going to bed at sunset. This was of course by necessity since light sources were non-existent or scarce but with the advent of the electric light human beings became far more productive, safer, and extended their waking time along with their leisure.

Unfortunately, this also correlates to abnormal sleep patterns, stress and in some cases illness, both mental and physical.

So, if you are the in the “sensitive” group you are also likely to be more sensitive to Seasonal Affective Disorder or SADs. Remember these often have 2 peaks, Spring when the days are getting longer, and the more recognized Fall, when the days get shorter. That boils down to April and September as the most likely to mess with emotions and affect.

But the short cycling of summer sleep can wreak havoc with people in terms of their schedules, productivity and emotions as well because society doesn’t run on those hours.

If you have that problem and apparently many of you do, or if you personally simply want to sleep better,

I have a non-habit forming non-drug solution for you.

Nothing makes you feel better longer than a good night’s sleep and over 50% of American suffers from sleep disorders many of which could be easily rectified by a few good nights of sleep.

So, don’t get messed up by the season, and don’t sacrifice a good day to a bad night!

Sweet Sleep Z is the answer!


Oh Yeah for those of you who need longer term help and/or know members of your family with the same issues, take advantage of our case price discounts!

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